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indo-Nepal relations-2.

Dharma is in fact, not convertible. Hindus do not believe in conversion of religion. The size of the converted Muslims and Christians is half of the population of India. There are 95.4 per cent Hindus of Omkar family in Himvatkhand (Nepal). Of the total a 3.1 percent Muslims and 1.5 percent Christians reside in Nepal. Because of the lethargic attitude of the people of Bharatkhanda (India), as per the concepts of whites, has permitted for conversion being India secular state as per Christian design. Nepal still believes on Dharma which is never convertible. Thus Indians do not have tolerance on religion, Nepal still has. India pressurized Nepali politics to declare Nepal a secular state which means Indian political leaders have not understood the differences between Dharma and religion. Due to this reason Bharatkhanda has split into pieces and has tussles and wars. However, Indian Hindus are against of Muslims than that of Christians, it is reverse in Nepal. Muslims organizations of Nepal are in favor of a Hindu kingdom as they feel safe on that.

The Indian attitude is colored by Muslims and Christian sanskaras. Jawaharlal Nehru himself was cultured by Christians. His grand and great grandchildren are still following the very doctrine. It is a dirty game; curse for Vedic civilization. Nehru spoiled the dream of Ramrajya of Mahatma Gandhi. Because of India, Nepal was declared secular nation against the aspirations of 98.5 % inhabitants of Nepal. It was against democratic practice and also against the moral or ethical value. Above all the World Heritage as the only Hindu Kingdom Nepal, a pilgrimage of the billion Hindus world over, is lost.

The Asthaa of the Hindus of world, Nepal as the capital of Vedic Hindu kingdom is also lost. It is all because of India, because of RAW. According to the Vedic Dharma, all celebrations in India and Nepal are similar. However, as per the Hindu sampradaya, from the religious viewpoints, there are some differences due to Sukla Yejurved and Krishna Yejurved. After the political change in 2006, Nepali societies are being similar to Indians. Vedic Dharma does not accept the untouchability called Dalit in India is eradicable social shanskar which India was failed of whose influence is enlarging in Nepal. Unanimously all are trying to avoid this system but it is there in the society. Now only a gyani and a highly prosperous society can eliminate it forever.

The fall of Vedic civilization started after 712 ADa when attacks became a regular phenomenon. In 998a Muhammad Ghajanawi mounted assaults for 17 times which demolished many things of the civilization. Shahuddins seize the Delhi palace. They ruled the country through Ghulama Khiljia Tugluka Sayeeda Lodhia Mughala Sud and Pheri Mughal for about a thousand years. Then the British, as the spice dealers, slowly captured Bharatiya Ganarajyas called Bharatkhanda. The autocratic dictatorial colonial Britons ruled for centuries. Thusa after being enslaved for nearly 1235 years by the foreignersa Bharat became independent in 1947. However, Nepal, Himavatkhanda always remained independent due to the heroic bravery of the sons of this country. Instead respecting Nepal and learning lesson from India has been trying to weakening day by day.

Aliens who were intoxicated with power and pelf and guns in hands converted forcibly. Those who refused conversion were tortureda skinned off and raped and their property was confiscated. Thus the Vedic dharma was forced to fall and practice of which was prevented. Had Dingo not entered Australia from outside the continenta possibly there would have been no carnivorous and violent animals. Had there been no raids from aliens the birth of Shiv Sena, Sikh organizations would not have taken place. No communal riots or controversies or disputes would have taken place like Babri Masjid or similar issues. Terrorism would not have occurred had the big and advanced countries had not replaced Prajatantra into democracy, Vedic socialism into liberal economy/materialistic communism. They spoiled the equality and humanity.

They eliminated the Bharatvarsha as dharmarajya. They looted and destroyed the Vedic Grantharatna and tried to wipe out the very existence of the Vedic Dharma. In all these situationsa Nepal could managea in keeping with the people's aspirationsa initiated an integrated campaign through the extensive people's participation for the protection of Dharma, the real Hindusthan, a dharma-rajya. Sanskrit in Devanagari, mother of all languages and Grammar was a very powerful presence world over; the only best languages of the world. In facta the reala genuine Hindustan is Nepal, with the Hindu Kingdom with the Vedic shasan vyavastha. The names of the places like Kyrgyzstana Afghanistana Kazakhstana Pakistana Hindustan and Rajasthan, Annapurna, Sagarmatha, Dhawlagiri etcetera in Sanskrit language indicate the coverage of Aryabrata. Nepal stands as a living example in Aryabart/Himvatkhand under Vedic civilization.

India, grown up with Macaulay's education system and feudalistic approach of the Nehru Doctrine, has naturally a dominating tendency. After the political change in 1990, whatever Goras had behaved India, India is repeating the same thing in Nepal. After its independence in 1947 India has annexed 11 states. India has been denying in returning the mortgaged territory of Nepal in 1816, instead trying to grab it, is a matter of sorrow for Nepal and Nepalis. Nepal was the only genuine friend of India; instead realizing it India has now been adding problems through the leaders of some political parties of Nepal.

India as is huge in geography and population, its heart and mind seems narrow. If India continues this behavior it can be repulsive. There are terrorisms of various types; India needs friends to be relieved out of such problems. There is need of regional unity. Even for the proper use of the resources, goodly neighborliness is urgent. Nepal has hopes if Modi-doctrine could replace Nehrudoctrine. In fact, Nepal is not a small country. Among the sovereign nations in the world there are 118 smaller countries in size than Nepal. Its population is not also small. Nepal is a standard country.

The feeling of smallness is a psychological and inferiority complex. While the world was in dark and uncivilized, Nepal was in top of arts, architect's music, culture and literature. During last nine hundred years, Nepal has been lacked behind those now seeking foreign aids to repair a window of which the whole construction was built by the Nepali for the Nepali and of the Nepali years ago. Because of India, Nepal has been losing its self-independency and self-glory. Nepal is being made India-dependent in economic sector. The bullying attitude of India has made Nepal economically, administratively and politically weak.

India is not yet satisfied. Its targets seem negative and dangerous for the security and prosperity. Today the civil service of India is strong and of permanent nature, while India helped making Nepal a weak and instable. Hence, Indians are united for the purpose of Indian interests while parties of Nepal are divided spoiling national interests. In fact, Nepal and India have minor problems but big obstinacies. Nepal is unitary and India is federal, however, Nepal is forced to adopt federalism baselessly. RAW mostly succeeded after 2006, implemented after 25 point MoU in 2016. These incidents indicate that Nepali political actors have not learnt any lesson from the history. Conclusively, the Indo-Nepal friendship can be characterized as bitterness and mutual suspicions. However, it is to realize that a friend neither cheats nor loots. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

They have equal affection, and equal feeling of friendship. Now the mistakes should be corrected. The wounds should be healed.

The pain is equal whether the body is small or big in size be realized.
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Date:Apr 18, 2018
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