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iglide in custom bearing sizes.


The bearing line at igus Inc., East Providence, R.I., has expanded with the option of iglide lubrication-free polymer stock bar for special bearing sizes, Customers can purchase the iglide stock bar in its raw form for in-house designs, or igus can custom machine the bearing dimensions to spec.

According to igus, the stock bar bearings are designed to be used anywhere a conventional bearing would be used such as in on- and off-highway vehicles for steering systems, seats, door hinges, foot pedals, chassis, gear boxes, engine compartments and windshield wipers.

Currently, igus offers the 2 in. diameter stock bar in its iglide R or J lines. The iglide R family is considered an economical alternative to bronze bearings. It has a lower coefficient of friction, lower wear at higher speeds and a higher wear resistance. The J series is engineered for lighter loads, providing low friction such as start/stop light-duty applications. It can also be used for faster speeds of 3 ft. or more per second.

With the iglide formulation of polymers, reinforcing fibers and solid lubricants, the bearings are engineered for low wear, low friction and resistance to dust and dirt. Unlike traditional bearings, the iglide design doesn't require lubrication that can cause debris to stick and get caught. This is designed to reduce maintenance and downtime on a machine, igus said.

Small quantities of the stock bar can be produced by igus, which said it has plans to offer the stock bar in other iglide materials. Its full iglide line has more than 6000 inch and metric sizes and styles available including flange, thrust and sleeve bearings for marine and high-temperature applications. The iglide stock bar is manufactured in Germany at igus' parent company igus GmbH.

In addition to the stock bar, igus now offers Chainflex continuous-flex FireWire cables for longer-distance machine vision applications. The new cables are a culmination of igus' Chainflex CFBUS.055 FireWire cable and its Energy Chain cable carriers. Together, the two materials provide continuous flexing up to 6 million cycles, igus said.


The Chainflex CFBUS.055 FireWire cable is designed for continuous flexing and a tighter bending radius within a cable carrier. The cable has its Bus pairs and supply wires twisted together with flexible shields and an optimized pitch length. The gusset filling extruded, flame-resistant, TPE outer jacket provides protection for the cable from core ruptures, while the Energy Chain cable carriers protect and prolong service life of cable and hoses, igus said.

Both industrial and continuous-flex applications are ideal uses for the FireWire cables, said igus, with targeted applications including control of automated guided vehicles, large-scale industrial manufacturing, short-run unique object manufacturing, safety systems in industrial environments and inspection of pre-manufactured objects.

Transmission lengths of the Chainflex continuous-flex FireWire cables are available from igus in up to 66 ft. lengths. Standard or custom harness lengths can also be specified. The cable is UL complaint and manufactured in Germany.

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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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