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ic24: YOU CAN PLAY TOO - ULTIMATE WARRIOR; (And we don't mean the one on the right).

DENNIS FONG might look like a normal all-American student. But in fact he's the greatest fighting machine in the world.

The 22-year-old owns a Ferrari and makes a living as "Thresh", the world's best computer gamer and Professional Gamers League (PGL) champion.

He even hosts two of his own sites: Thresh's Quake Bible ( and Thresh's FiringSquad (

While there is no real equivalent of Thresh in Britain, a UK Quake champion did emerge at last year's Quakeadelica final.

Twenty-one year-old James Page (aka Billox) won and had the dubious privilege of being thrashed by Thresh in a match.

Quakeadelica 2 is planned - beginning with heats on Wireplay in the summer (for details go to ic24's Games Channel and click on Wireplay).

Tournaments aren't just about shoot 'em ups. The UK PC Games Championships will include a variety of games including Actua Soccer 3, Motocross Madness and Age of Empires. Qualifying takes place across the country with the grand final in September. Further details are available at

If all of this sounds a little too serious, join in with one of the regular events on Wireplay.

For example, the Red Alert tournament, run by the husband and wife team of Stuart and Sue Ellis, has twice-weekly and monthly events. They also host 'newbie' nights for newcomers.

"While people do take the games seriously, the tournaments are more social than truly competitive," says Stuart. "There is a great feeling of community and people come online to meet friends."

This community feeling is highlighted by Suffolk-based Paul Betts, who is rated as the UK's top Red Alert player.

"The tournaments are special as you always know that there will be a good bunch of people around," says Paul. "Tournaments are good as you play different players and have to adapt your style and tactics."

How to harness the force

THRESH is famous for his world-beating performances on Quake.

The question he's often asked is how his keys are configured. Well, here they are:

Quake: w - forward, s - back, a - moveleft, d - moveright, space - jump, mouse1 - attack, shift - impulse 7, mouse2 - impulse 8.

Quake II: w - forward, s - back, a - moveleft, d - moveright, space - moveup, shift - walk, r - use rocketlauncher, c - use railgun, mouse2 - use chaingun, alt - movedown.

As well as practising 10 hours a day, Thresh's other hint is to listen for sounds and recognise them instinctively.

Once you've cracked Quake look out for these hot titles hitting the shelves soon:

Quake III: Arena - The demo is now running on Wireplay, and is ready to download free of charge.

Team Fortress II - The next big thing in gaming. It's a voice-controlled game so you can really call all the shots.

Alien vs Predator - Top action in this first person shooter.

Tribes 2 - Highly anticipated sequel to the 1998 Online Game of the Year, Starsiege Tribes.

Remember to check Wireplay on the ic24 Games Channel.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 27, 1999
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