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iXpand increases storage for Apple mobile devices without connecting to the cloud.

Apple continues to manufacture its iPads and iPhones with specific memory configurations but prevents users from adding more memory. The solution to the storage problem: SanDisk's iXpand flash drive, which allows users to add 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB or 256GB to their iOS mobile devices without using the cloud.

What can the iXpand drive do?

* Free up space on iPhones and iPads by storing photos and videos.

* Automatically back up photos and videos.

* Transfer photos to appraisal reports.

* Automatically back up contacts.

* Allow high-speed USB 3.0 transfer to/from a Mac or PC computer.

* Provide secure file storage.


The iXpand's body is the width of a standard USB plug. One end of the drive has a flexible Lightning connector that can wrap around the bottom of an iPhone or iPad (and works with most cases), while the opposite end has a USB 3.0 connector that fits into a computer.

Features and software

The iXpand flash drive storage capabilities range from 16GB to 256GB and work with any Apple device running iOS 8 or higher and equipped with a Lightning connector. Appraisers will appreciate the speed at which the USB 3.0 connector can download photos or other files to a computer.

Unfortunately, Apple's file system does not allow the iXpand to provide additional storage for computers. iXpand's files can only be accessed using the SanDisk iXpand app on your iOS device. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

The app walks you through a startup presentation before proceeding to the main interface, which presents a variety of options to set up automatic backups for photo libraries and contacts.

Pricing *

16GB     $25.99
32GB     $39.99
64GB     $54.00
128GB    $84.99
256GB    $232.45

* Prices vary. October Amazon prices shown.

Bottom line

In addition to providing storage, the iXpand flash drive can be used for backups and for transferring files between an iOS device and a computer. While cloud storage does the same, users may find that the iXpand can handle their needs without a costly monthly subscription. If you have a pricey Apple iPhone or iPad with limited (and inadequate) storage, this accessory could be just what you need. I give it five out of five stars.

* Learn more at /mobile-device-storage/ixpand.

by Wayne Pugh, MAI

About the Author

R. Wayne Pugh, MAI, is CEO of real estate consulting and appraisal firm R. Wayne Pugh and Co., the head of Software for Real Estate Professionals Inc. and a principal member of Real Estate Counseling Group of America. He formerly served as president of the Appraisal Institute and as chair of the Louisiana Appraisal Board.

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Author:Pugh, R. Wayne
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Date:Sep 22, 2017
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