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iStor: enabling channel support for SMB/SME iSCSI solutions now.

(Irvine, CA) April, 2005. Internet SCSI (iSCSI) is a simple, yet powerful idea that is changing the way we think about computer storage and the way it relates to computer networks. The iSCSI protocol maps the SCSI remote procedure invocation model on top of the Internet's Transport Control Protocol (TCP) to produce a transport mechanism for storage over Ethernet.

In other words, iSCSI encapsulates SCSI commands into TCP packets; thus enabling the transport of I/O block data over IP networks. Building on the heritage of SCSI and Ethernet, iSCSI enables a new world where storage area networks using Ethernet are possible. It also enables remote mirroring, remote backup and true disaster recovery. Replace direct attached storage solutions with affordable, Ethernet network-friendly SAN.

VARs and integrators offering iSCSI solutions to their SMB and SME customers lead them out of simple file-based NAS into powerful, block-based SAN ... at a fraction of the cost of implementing Fibre Channel. You would also save your customers soft costs in staffing, since familiarity with Ethernet is common and familiarity with Fibre Channel is expensive.

iStor Enables SMB/SME iSCSI

Irvine, CA-based iStor offers a core enabling technology: the GigaStorATX, a highly integrated storage controller solution conforming to ATX form factor specifications. OEMs, VARs, and System Integrators can use Common Off The Shelf PC server and storage chassis to build high-performance, feature-rich, cost-effective iSCSI RAID storage solutions ... the foundation of reliable SANs in the cost-sensitive SMB and SME markets.

Powering the GigaStorATX is the highly integrated, high performance, 10GbE iStor iSNP8008 iSCSI/TCP/IP offload ASIC with embedded processors running a fully featured, integrated storage-virtualization firmware stack. "We are providing a high performance, integrated, cost effective solution that will meet the SMB and SME market demands for IP Storage" says Dave Clark director of technical marketing at iStor Networks, "Having a highly integrated ASIC and a fully featured storage firmware stack allows storage vendors to meet the market demands faster and reduce their overall cost for iSCSI-based storage systems." Affordably offer your customer s a robust feature set including Media Protection, Caching, Redundancy, End-to-End data protection, and RAID. Use state of the art SATA disk channels for block-based networked storage solutions such as near line storage, disk-to-disk backup and recovery, disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and archiving, and even high-capacity, cost-effective primary storage.


iStor's iSCSI Puts You In The Driver's Seat

The GigaStorATX is the capstone to iSCSI controllers that represent the best plan available for storage consolidation in places where it doesn't exist today. It represents a base of technology that people know and understand ... one of the rare technologies that comes from a mature base and offers a strong appeal. "Customers need a new storage technology that meets today's demand for high performance, interoperability and ease of management, but at a much lower total cost of ownership" says Peter Cmaylo VP of Business Development and Sales at iStor Networks, Inc.

The iStor GigaStorATX also offers a storage management software stack that provides volume virtualization features by utilizing the concepts of storage extents. Extents are the fundamental building blocks used to enable features such as RAID, Online Capacity Expansion, Micro-Rebuilds. Volume Accessibility and Migration. Extents provide volumes that can be created from drives of dissimilar capacity and technology, a growth path that can occur without volume migration or reconstruction, a volume structure that implements snapshot copying, and much more.

Implementing iSCSI using the iStor GigaStorATX makes it possible for you to bring your customers a scalable, robust, easy to use, easy to manage, and cost-conscious storage networking solution. It may be the best product adoption decision you make this year.

iStor Networks, Inc.

7585 Irvine Center Dr.

Suite 250

Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: (949) 753-8999

Fax: (949) 753-1068

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