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iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6.

After the great success of iPhone 6s, Apple Inc. introduced another brilliance in the world of smart phones named iPhone 7. iPhone 7 was announced on 7th September 2016, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco by the CEO of AppleTim Cook, and released on 16th September 2016. iPhone 7 is now leading with every mobile phone in the iPhone series.

A question may rise in the mind of an individual that iPhone 7 looks like similar to iPhone 6 then why should we consider iPhone 7 on iPhone 6?

First of all I will appreciate that the question is very good! But there are still some compelling reasons for considering iPhone 7 on iPhone 6. And the reasons are as follows:

* Is iPhone 6 is water-resistant? No! Then you should feel glad to hear that iPhone 7 is fully water-resistant.

* The camera of iPhone 7 can notably take better photos than the camera of iPhone 6 and also adds the feature of optical image stabilization.

* The battery performance of iPhone 7 is also betterthan iPhone 6. The battery of iPhone 7 lasts longer than iPhone 6, probably the couple of hours or more a day under normal usage.

* The processor of iPhone 7is more faster than the processor of iPhone 6. The speed can be observed easily.

* iPhone 7has the most enhanced color accuracy and the most enhanced stereo speakers.

* iPhone 7 has a new display which is 25% brighter than iPhone 6and supports wide color gamut for richer, true-to-life colors. iPhone 7 does not contain any physical button on it as it is replaced by a "solid-state" pressure sensitive button that is connected to a Taptic Enginewhich is redesigned to produce tactile feedback mimicking conventional button presses.

iPhone 7 does not have any jack for the headphones, so if headphones are needed to be connected then it will require Bluetooth or equipped with a lightning connector. Apple is making the use of iPhone more beautiful with the Lightning ear podsand a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter and in plus Apple has introduced new wireless high-tech Air Pods in order to make the transition easy.

The iPhone 7 has plus features all of the camera improvements in the iPhone 7, but in addition to a 28mm wide-angle lens, it has a second 56mm telephoto lens for dual-camera functionality that enables better optical zoom. In future, it will also support a new shelvy-depth-of-field portrait mode that uses the two lenses to draw out the portrait subject while blurring the background.

Both iPhones i.e. iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have a latest four-LED flash that is 50% brighter and stronger, but in iPhone 7 there is an upgraded 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with new sensor technology and auto image stabilization for best selfies and the most clear facetime calls. Storage in the iPhone 7 is exceptional. The new minimum is 32GB, with 128GB and 256GB of storage also available.

The Wi-Fi technology of iPhone 7 is the same as of iPhone 6 but the connection speeds in iPhone 7 is exceptional that can reach up to the 866Mb/s. The iPhone 7 has hit the market exceptionally, but the rumors are hearable that Apple will release another iPhone in 2017 on their 10th anniversary. I am so excited that if iPhone 7 is such a beauty then what type of beauty that new iPhone will be! If iPhone 7 is having such an exciting features then what type of excitement will that new iPhone will give! Well! There is some time in that, so you just enjoy iPhone 7.
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Publication:Pakistan Engineering Review
Date:Jan 31, 2017
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