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iPhone 6 releasing Soon, Use Old Smartphones to Save Rainforest.

Can trees use smartphones to protect themselves? How's that even possible?

( Rainforest Connection - a California-based platform created a way to protect the rainforest and stop illegal logging by the use of smartphones. Old smartphones are being wrapped into a waterproof casing powered by solar energy and are being mounted on a hidden spot on the trees where it is hard to see them.

A ( video of ( Kickstarter shows how old smartphones can detect chainsaw sounds and transmit those sounds to an application programming interface to be received by authorities. This enables responsible agents to act fast and catch illegal loggers on the spot.

A single solar-powered smartphone can detect chainsaw noise up to a kilometer. It can also detect gunshots fired by poachers. This real-time information alerts Rainforest Connection backers to pursue immediate and proper action.

This system has been first introduced, tried and tested at one of the most endangered rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia. After installing the device, and in just one day, illegal loggers have been detected and were stopped on the spot by the authorities.

Just imagine hundreds of phones hiding in trees in order to stop deforestation. The trees can speak, now is the time to listen.

With the upcoming release of iPhone 6 this September and if you're planning on getting yourself one, make good use of your old smartphone. Help stop rapid climate change and save endangered species living under these rainforests. The key to stop deforestation is just in front of you all along.

You can mail your smartphones to this address:

( Rainforest Connection 77 Van Ness Ave, Suite 101-1717 San Francisco, CA, 94102, USA

( According to Rainforest Connection , the system only works for ( Android phones as of the moment. Other phones donated will be used by rangers and local partners for communication.

To make sure that your phone will be put to work, include name, e-mail and mailing address along with your donation. Rainforest Connection will personally thank you and update you about your phone. If you have any concerns or questions, you can send an email at this address: (

If don't have a smartphone to donate but want to back this project, you can click ( here .

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Date:Jul 21, 2014
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