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iPhone 5 Release Date: Fall Launch Says Japanese Blog That Predicted iPhone 4S Debut.

The next-generation Apple iPhone will be released in the fall, according to a Japanese blog that correctly predicted the iPhone 4S release late last year.

While iPhone enthusiasts were expecting a June launch for the iPhone 4S, the Japanese blog Macotakara released a report that claimed the phone would be launched in mid-October and mass production would take place over the summer. And it was right. It seems Apple is adopting the same timetable for the sixth-generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5.

Citing sources from Apple's supply chain in China, Macotakara has revealed that the iPhone will be redesigned with a two-toned back panel made of glass and aluminum.

The report is fitting with common iPhone 5 rumors that predict a larger screen, thinner chassis, retina display, and smaller dock connector.

The blog post has been published amid reports from "Know Your Mobile" that the iPhone 5 would be unveiled on Aug. 7. The site makes claims based on a tip from "a well-known source in the industry who chooses to remain anonymous."

A Chinese online-commerce site also started taking preorders for the phone this week. The site, Taobao, had posted concept pictures of the phone without any features or specifications, and it has put a preorder price of $1,000 on the phone.

What iOS 6 Means For The iPhone 5

At its latest Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2012, in San Francisco on June 11-15, Apple unveiled its new iOS 6 software, which gave fans a glimpse of some of the next iPhone's features, as follows.


New phone features for iOS 6 will give ( iPhone users additonal options besides "Answer" and "Decline." Each will be able to reply to a phone call with an instant message, and anyone who doesn't have time to compose one can choose from a list of automated messages such as "I'll call you later" or "I'm on my way."

An iPhone owner who doesn't have time to respond during the call can set a reminder to return the missed call at a later time or date. An additional "Do Not Disturb" function will give iPhone users the flexibility to choose who they can receive calls from during unavailable times.


The new updated maps feature will decrease the odds of iPhone users getting lost. The revamped and redesigned map function is vector-based, creating clear graphics and detailed texts, even when zoomed in to maximum capacity.

Maps have also been updated with visual and spoken navigation, which gives users not only precise turn-by-turn directions, but also supplies real-time traffic updates.


Apple's voice assistant just got smarter with a whole host of updates. Ask about sports and get live scores and stats. Feeling indecisive? Ask where you should eat or what movie you should see. Too lazy to update your ( Facebook status? Tell Siri to post something on your wall. Want to live-tweet, but don't want to type? You can ask Siri to do that, too.

Apple is also working with car manufacturers to integrate Siri into select voice-control systems. Through a voice command on steering wheels, customers will be able to ask Siri questions, without the distraction of scrambling for their ( iPhones .

( Facebook

With iOS 6, your ( iPhone will be more integrated with ( Facebook than was the case with previous iPhones. Photos and video can now be posted straight from the photo stream, and locations can be posted directly from maps.

Once users log into their Facebook accounts, all their events and birthdays will be synched with the phone's camera, ensuring that big events never go unnoticed. Friends' profile updates, such as pictures and phone numbers, will also get updated within phone contacts.

Share Photos With ICloud

Apple's photo stream just got more social. With iOS 6, users will be able to select photos and share them instantly with their friends using iCloud on Mountain Lion Apple devices. ( iPhone users will even be able to share their photo streams with Apple TV users.


Tired of looking through your wallet for boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, and loyalty cards? With Passbook, you can store everything in one place on your( iPhone and scan them whenever you need to use them. Passbook also gives you live updates. If your gate changes before your flight, you'll be alerted without having to check the screen at the airport.


FaceTime has been updated so you can receive video calls through cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi. Which means you can use FaceTime wherever and whenever you want.


Guided Access on iOS 6 will make the iPhone more assessible for people with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities. VoiceOver, the screen reader for blind and low-vision users, is now integrated with Maps, AssistiveTouch, and Zoom.


Mail has been redesigned with a more streamlined interface, making it easier to read and write emails on the iPhone. And iOS 6 uploads photos and video onto emails.

These are the guaranteed features for the next-generation iPhone, via iOS 6, which is set to launch in the fall. The iPhone rumor mill will no doubt continue to evolve in coming months, but one of the most speculated features is a new design, which is likely to result in a lighter phone with a larger display.
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