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iOS 8 Best Features to Kill Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Windows Phone 8.1 Perks.

iOS 8 is now official that features new changes and improvements for iPhones, iPad and iPod devices. Know the killer features of iOS 8 against Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Windows Phone 8.1.

Handoff - OS X Yosemite Interaction

The ( feature is an expansion of AirDrop which allows sharing of tasks and data of iOS 8 running devices with OS X Yosemite such as phone calls, messages, data files and more.

Android KitKat: ( Google Drive represents similar functionality but limited to certain files only such as documents and media files. Some users will need to use third-party apps such as AirDroid in order to share phone records and messaging in real-time with computers.

Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft's ( OneDrive only allow certain files and most of them are concentrated on data and multimedia files, viewable across all devices.

iCloud Drive

In addition to sharing feature with OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 exclusively features the iCloud Drive that allows syncing of applications across all of your devices running the latest iOS version. It is considered a unified storage which acts similar with Google Drive and OneDrive.

Android KitKat: No two Android devices can sync the exact apps at the same time. As per trick, you can install apps manually using the Play Store having the same Google account. Due to different manufacturers, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone cannot have certain apps from a Sony Xperia handset due to exclusivity.

Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft's latest mobile OS is still limited on the application ecosystem and users may need to manually set the syncing via downloads using the same account. Certain restrictions on apps may also be applied depending on the territory.

More Interactive Action Centre

Apple revamped the Action Centre and now it is more interactive than previous iOS versions. You can now reply to text messages on the small pop-up on the top of the display instead of doing several steps and you don't have to leave the app where you're in.

Android KitKat: Certain Android devices can reply directly from the notifications bar but it may function as opening the messaging app instead of generating a pop-up. Third-party messaging apps feature such advantage.

Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft improved other aspects of the Messaging Hub instead of delivering any pop-up features for Windows Phone 8.1.

Intuitive Keyboard

iOS 8 features a more intuitive keyboard that predict words efficiently and can even recognise which app you are using. It can tell if you are creating an email or simpy sending out a text message. Additionally, users can now install third-party keyboard apps that may allow usage of SwiftKey and Swype soon.

Android KitKat: By default, Android features a basic predictive input system which has been improved by brand manufacturers by installing their add-ons and user interface on top of it.

Windows Phone 8.1: Word Flow keyboard is so far the fastest and most intuitive in typing that allows completion of sentences using gliding and suggestive input. It is yet to be tested against iOS 8.

The Health Kit

Track down your activities everyday such as heart rate, fitness, workout and more. iOS 8 can monitor the data using tracking apps and accessories. Apple teamed up with popular health suites such as Nike and Mayo Clinic.

Android KitKat: Health monitoring is not a default feature of Android KitKat. Users will need to download apps or purchase compatible accessories or install Samsung's exclusive apps to use it.

Windows Phone 8.1: It is not yet found on the latest Microsoft mobile OS at this time. Third-party apps and accessories may allow the feature to be enabled.

New Messaging Prowess

iMessage on iOS 8 gained a major revamped and will become a competitor to the likes of WhatsApp and WeChat. It can now send audio and video messages without requiring third-party applications.

Android KitKat: You need to use Hangouts to get the similar advantage. If not, audio and video messages are considered MMS or you download WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or KakaoTalk.

Windows Phone 8.1: Skype is the primary application offering the feature on all Windows Phone OS devices. However, you need to access it via the Dialler app or using Skype itself.

Photos and Gallery

iOS 8 running devices can now edit images and apply specific changes which will be stored across all devices using the iCloud Drive. If you edit pictures later on, they will be saved as well to all of your devices.

Android KitKat: You can set your Gallery app for automatic syncing to all your devices by modifying the Google account.

Windows Phone 8.1: Multimedia files for Windows Phone 8.1 are also synced across multiple devices such as phones, tablets and computers.

iOS 8 is still in beta stage which means there are more features to be added later on. Android 4.5 is not yet out and may contend to what Apple boasts now. Windows Phone 8.1 is also developing and encourages more developers to make their apps compatible with the new mobile OS.
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Date:Jun 3, 2014
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