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iEntertainment's WarBirds Player Base Growing From Events, New Pricing, Retail Products, and International Efforts; New $9.95 Monthly Subscription Price.

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iEntertainment Network, (OTC BB: IENT) continues to aggressively add new WarBirds subscription players by holding Free Weekend events, adding mass market pricing programs, retail programs, and international initiatives.

The Free Weekends have been held twice and each event has introduced over 500 new WarBirds players to IENT's award winning simulation, WarBirds III. These players can join WarBirds for only $9.95 and play for unlimited time in the Air Combat Arenas in WarBirds. These players may also participate in any other WarBirds arenas for 5 hours per month.

The Air Combat Arena is the online portal where the thousands of players who purchase the upcoming CD release, WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy will come to experience the full WarBirds simulation experience. Simon and Schuster Interactive is expected to ship the retail version of this product by September. These new players will receive two free online months and many are expected to become regular paying IENT Subscription players.

In addition to the Simon and Schuster retail sales efforts, IENT will ship Dawn of Aces and Armored Assault to retail in September as well. These Internet simulation products, accepted by a major value priced publisher, are expected to place over 100,000 units on retail shelves for the fall. The sale of these retail units is expected to add a significant number of paying online subscribers to IENT revenue base.

IENT expects to expand its revenue base overseas, and is currently in negotiations with a major European company for the licensing and marketing of WarBirds in Europe. This company, both a large ISP and owner of an Internet gaming magazine, has committed to host and market WarBirds and all of IENT's subscription based games. This company will pay an advance and royalties to IENT, increasing both IENT revenue and player bases. Similar discussions are underway for the Asian continent.

IENT operates Internet game communities with Free advertising supported games, like Bingo and Casino games, and Subscription simulations like WarBirds III. WarBirds is a series of Award Winning World War II simulations and has been named "Simulation of the Year" since 1997. A more complete description of WarBirds III and all IENT's subscription products can be found at

Forward Looking Statement for IENT: Statements in this news release pertaining to IEntertainment Network, Inc. are forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance or developments could differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.
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Date:Jul 11, 2002
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