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iDEFENSE Team to Speak at Three Leading Security Shows; Intelligence Specialists Address Web and Wireless Vulnerabilities.

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Black Hat, DEF CON and ISACA Network Security Conference


Two top security specialists from iDEFENSE, the security intelligence provider, will speak at three of the most prominent security industry conferences in the coming weeks: Black Hat Briefings, DEF CON and the ISACA Network Security conference.

David Endler, director of iDEFENSE Technical Intelligence, and Michael Sutton, senior security engineer, will identify ways companies can protect their networks against the most pressing security issues. The conferences are known for their groundbreaking research and panels on emerging security issues.

At both Black Hat and DEF CON, Endler and Sutton will highlight major security concerns associated with Web applications, including the ability for hackers to obtain access to user names and passwords, putting corporate data at great risk. Their session will include live exploitation demonstrations into Web applications to demonstrate how easy it is for hackers to steal so-called "protected" information. Both sessions will include specific steps companies can take to prevent incursions.

Sutton also will speak at the ISACA Network Security conference, addressing the unique vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi wireless networks. The session will include preventative measures companies should take to increase security and better protect their assets.

"Security is always one step behind technology," said Endler, a former security specialist with Deloitte and Touche, Xerox, the National Security Agency and MIT. "Our goal is to increase awareness of the most gaping holes, and help companies, developers and end users secure their information infrastructure."

iDEFENSE, based in Chantilly, Virginia, provides strategic information security intelligence to companies and government agencies. Its electronic alerts include geopolitical threats, as well as reports and analysis of technical vulnerabilities including worms and other viruses "in the wild." The reports include detailed information so clients can proactively defend their networks.

Black Hat runs from July 31-Aug. 1, and DEF CON runs from Aug. 2-4. ISACA runs Aug. 12-14. All three conferences are in Las Vegas.


Founded in 1998, iDEFENSE is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, and has a satellite office in Tokyo, Japan. iDEFENSE is a global security intelligence company that offers information assurance solutions to clients who desire the highest level of confidence in their security posture. iDEFENSE's suite of security intelligence products include iALERT and Desktop Warning and Awareness. For more information visit the iDEFENSE Web site at or call Michael Cheek at (703) 344-2641.
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Date:Jul 29, 2002
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