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i ice cream: physical.

Love ice cream? You're not alone. The average American eats about 15 pounds per year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But don't you hate it when you have a late-night craving and that lonely pint buried deep in your freezer tastes more like a chunk of ice than smooth cream? Yuck! Do this experiment to find out why some ice creams are smoother than others.
whole milk * 2 tablespoons
of sugar * 1 tea
spoon of


1 large mixing bowl *
1 large mixing spoon *
2 small heavy-duty Ziploc
bags * 1 large heavy-duty
Ziploc bag * measuring
spoons * measuring cups
* crushed ice * 6 tablespoons
coarse salt


1. Place the ingredients
in the mixing bowl and
stir gently.

2. Carefully pour half
the mixture into a small
Ziploc bag, and the
remaining half into the
other small bag.

3. Seal the bags tightly.
Make sure there are
no leaks.

4. Place one small bag
into the freezer. Then
place the other bag
inside the large Ziploc
bag. Pack ice into the
large bag until it's half

5. Pour the salt onto the
ice in the bag. Then close
and seal the bag. Make
sure there are no leaks.

6. Shake the bag for
5 to 10 minutes, or until
the ingredients in the
small bag freeze softly.

7. Remove the small
bag and sample your
ice cream.

8. After 3 hours, remove
the bag you placed
in the freezer. Sample
that creation.


How do the two versions of ice cream differ? Why? (Hint: Ice crystal growth.)
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Author:Chiang, Mona
Publication:Science World
Date:Feb 2, 2004
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