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Temperatures around average, rain expected. Jan 28, 2020 134
A partial building collapse due to terrorist rocket attack, Aleppo City. Jan 26, 2020 179
Terrorists continue to prevent civilians from leaving to safe areas via humanitarian corridors. Jan 25, 2020 171
A girl child injured in terrorist rocket attack on Aleppo city. Jan 23, 2020 115
Syria, Iran sign MoU on enhancing cooperation in educational fields. Jan 23, 2020 243
Syria, Iran discuss enhancing educational cooperation. Jan 23, 2020 153
Army retaliates to terrorists' attacks on Aleppo City, destroys their rocket launch pads. Jan 22, 2020 133
Syrian-Iranian talks on cooperation in educational field. Jan 22, 2020 276
Syria, Russia condemn US attacks, demand stopping Washington's attempts to create tension hotbeds in Syria. Jan 16, 2020 248
Army responds to terrorists' attacks, crushes them from three villages in Idleb southeastern countryside. Jan 16, 2020 134
Mikdad discusses with Michaud issues related to work of UNDSS in Syria. Jan 16, 2020 233
Four civilians martyred, 15 injured in terrorist shelling attack in Aleppo. Jan 16, 2020 111
A mobile dental clinic in Deir Ezzor Schools. Jan 15, 2020 173
Terrorists prevent citizens from reaching Abu al-Douhour corridor in Idleb countryside. Jan 15, 2020 138
Syria U-23 football team qualifies to Asia cup quarter-finals. Jan 15, 2020 101
Security Council to discuss OPCW report on alleged Douma attack, Russian Mission says. Jan 14, 2020 264
Extraordinary efforts for Hasaka electricity workers to repair damage caused by Turkish aggression, transmit electricity to citizens. Jan 12, 2020 492
Two civilians martyred, three injured in terrorists' rocket attack on Aleppo city. Jan 12, 2020 170
Zasypkin: U.S. military presence in Syria illegitimate. Jan 11, 2020 124
Hessya Industrial City attracts 916 investors mostly in engineering sector in 2019. Jan 11, 2020 232
President al-Assad sends a cable of condolence to Sultan of Oman on death of Sultan Qaboos. Jan 11, 2020 192
Zasypkin: Situation in Syria is about to be solved. Jan 9, 2020 166
Five martyrs in new US aggression on Iraqi popular mobilization. Jan 4, 2020 141
Thousands of Iraqis gather in Baghdad to participate in escorting Soliemani and al-Muhandis to their rest place. Jan 4, 2020 114
Saturday weather: Rainy weather prevails, snow over mountains. Jan 4, 2020 239
Army targets terrorists' fortifications in Idleb and Aleppo countryside. Jan 4, 2020 162
Iraqi Premier condemns US aggression as blatant violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Jan 3, 2020 166
Russian Foreign Ministry: Assassination of Soleimani "reckless move" which escalates tension in the region. Jan 3, 2020 121
Syria strongly condemns US aggression led to martyrdom of Iranian Gen. Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Commission. Jan 3, 2020 301
Khamenei vows harsh and severe response on crime of assassination of Lt. General Soleimani. Jan 3, 2020 389
Nasrallah: Fair retribution from killers of LT. General Soleimani responsibility of all resistance fighters. Jan 3, 2020 162
Syrian captive in Israeli prison al-Maqt stresses his continued resistance in facing the Israeli occupation practices. Jan 2, 2020 125
Army thwarts terrorist groups attack on liberated areas in Idleb southeastern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them. Jan 2, 2020 224
French Radio: Four planes arrive in Libyan Mitiga Airport carrying hundreds of terrorists transported by Erdogan's regime from Syria. Jan 2, 2020 273
Syrian army finds a network of tunnels and trenches in Idleb southeastern countryside. Jan 1, 2020 190
Cuba, Syria... Friendly relations, firm approach based on respect of states' sovereignty, combat of terrorism. Dec 31, 2019 280
With a capacity of 8 tons per a day, new line for producing sterilized milk opened in Homs. Dec 28, 2019 155
Upon directives of President al-Assad, a governmental delegation headed by Premier Khamis visits Homs, holds the cabinet's weekly meeting on Sunday morning. Dec 28, 2019 141
Al-Jaafari: States sponsoring terrorism in Syria push towards formation of six non-neutral international mechanisms aim at fabricating accusations. Dec 28, 2019 440
Rainy weather prevails across the country, snow over the mountains and in Sweida. Dec 27, 2019 288
Putin discusses with Russian Security Council situation in Syria and Libya. Dec 27, 2019 110
International Astronomical Union names a newly discovered star Abla and its planet Ugarit. Dec 27, 2019 151
Rainy weather to prevail across country on Tuesday evening. Dec 24, 2019 157
Southern central region gas plant resumes work after repairing damage caused by terrorist attacks. Dec 24, 2019 123
Syrian ports closed for maritime navigation due to prevailing weather conditions. Dec 24, 2019 131
Army's air defenses down a drone for terrorist organizations in Hama countryside. Dec 24, 2019 116
Army clears new villages in Idleb countryside, continues operations against terrorists. Dec 21, 2019 164
Three terrorists of the so-called "White Helmets" terrorist organization killed in Hama countryside. Dec 14, 2019 171
Saturday weather: Temperatures lower than average, skies partly cloudy. Dec 7, 2019 150
Syria participates in charitable bazaar in Bulgaria. Dec 7, 2019 144
Thursday weather: Temperatures will drop, snow expected over high mountains. Dec 5, 2019 189
SARC distributes relief aid among locals in Hasaka countryside. Dec 5, 2019 164
Following army deployment, normal life returns to Hasaka northern countryside. Dec 5, 2019 438
Wednesday weather forecast: Skies clear to partly cloudy, rain expected. Dec 4, 2019 153
UN General Assembly overwhelmingly renews demand that Israel withdraw from entirety of occupied Syrian Golan. Dec 4, 2019 478
Thursday weather forecast: Temperatures lower than average, rain in many areas. Nov 28, 2019 220
Culture Ministry Launches Cinema National Library Project at al-Kindi Movie Theatre in Damascus. Nov 28, 2019 246
New batch of humanitarian aid arrived in Daraa countryside. Nov 28, 2019 109
Syria's national football team advances four places on international classification list. Nov 28, 2019 105
Empowered by President al-Assad, Education Minister offers condolences to martyred students' families in Deir Ezzor. Nov 27, 2019 157
Bogdanov: Russia keen on enhancing relations with Syria. Nov 27, 2019 155
Ryazantsev: OPCW report on alleged Chemical attack in Douma distortion of facts. Nov 26, 2019 149
Al-Khafseh water plant put into service to provide Aleppo city with 100 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Nov 26, 2019 529
British Daily Mail: Leaked email reveals manipulation in OPCW report on usage of chemicals in Douma. Nov 24, 2019 289
Al-Jaafari: Syria's constitution, drawing its future an inalienable right for its people. Nov 23, 2019 711
Education Minister discusses cooperation with UNESCO in scientific research field. Nov 23, 2019 194
Technical workshops start rehabilitating damage caused by Israeli aggression, locals affirm resilience. Nov 21, 2019 435
Syria strongly condemns acts of aggression by Turkish occupation forces against Syrian people. Nov 21, 2019 293
Lavrov underlines necessity to settle crisis in Syria based on UN resolution no. 2254. Nov 20, 2019 119
Syria participates in Int'I symposium on states' rights on defending their independence, sovereignty. Nov 20, 2019 381
First batch of Syrian olive oil arrives in Crimea. Nov 20, 2019 239
Cold weather spread at night, frost expected on Tuesday. Nov 19, 2019 165
An archeological funeral statue, looted by ISIS terrorists from one of cemeteries in Palmyra, discovered. Nov 16, 2019 134
Rain falls in most Syrian provinces, temperatures drop. Nov 16, 2019 215
Lavrentiev discuss with UK Prime Minister's International Affairs situation in Syria. Nov 16, 2019 137
15 civilians martyred, others injured in car bomb explosion in al-Bab city, Aleppo countryside. Nov 16, 2019 114
Economic Forum in Tehran introduces Iranian companies to investment opportunities in Syria. Nov 13, 2019 418
Electricity Ministry sets a strategic plan for establishing photovoltaic plants, wind farms. Nov 13, 2019 500
Thousands of food baskets distributed among locals in Daraa countryside. Nov 12, 2019 103
Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli aggression on Mezza area in Damascus and on Gaza Strip. Nov 12, 2019 241
Syria, Cuba discuss enhancing economic relations. Nov 9, 2019 233
Saturday weather: Temperatures above average, skies clear to partly cloudy. Nov 9, 2019 155
Ten civilians suffer suffocation due to firing tear gas by Turkish patrols on citizens in al-Jawadiya area in Hasaka countryside. Nov 9, 2019 272
Lavrov: A significant advance achieved in political settlement process in crisis in Syria. Nov 9, 2019 209
Syria, Russia call upon international community to pressurize Washington to pull its forces out of Syria. Nov 7, 2019 239
Erdogan's forces, terrorists continue crimes against Afrin locals, establish military posts in Ras al-Ayn. Nov 5, 2019 422
SARAC, Hasaka Branch distributes 1875 food packages in Hasaka. Nov 5, 2019 159
Syria, Iran sign MoU on localizing electrical technology in Syria. Nov 2, 2019 178
Syria participates in Anti-imperialist Solidarity Conference in Cuba. Conference news Nov 2, 2019 111
Friday weather: Temperatures around average, rain expected. Nov 1, 2019 145
Russia begins joint patrols with Turkish regime forces in northern Syria. Nov 1, 2019 217
Nine civilians martyred, 20 others injured in car bomb explosion in Afrin city. Oct 31, 2019 137
Syria, Iran discuss cooperation in developing electricity system. Oct 31, 2019 156
Time Magazine: Erdogan's regime, its mercenaries kill civilians, practice ethnic cleansing in Syria. Oct 29, 2019 232
Foreign companies participating in "SyrPetro" exhibition look for key role in developing petroleum industry in Syria. Oct 29, 2019 243
Thursday weather: Temperatures lower than average, rain expected. Oct 24, 2019 156
Kremlin: Withdrawal of illegitimate foreign forces deployed in Syria a priority. Oct 24, 2019 102
Popular protests against Turkish occupation in Tal Halaf village, Two civilians injured. Oct 24, 2019 171
Olive production in Syria expected to increase by 25 percent. Oct 24, 2019 234
A car bomb explosion in Tal Abyiad in Raqqa countryside, four people injured. Oct 24, 2019 132

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