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guan yer elf: iceland fact.

ENGLAND play Iceland in the last 16 of Euro 2016 in Nice this evening.

We look at seven facts about Iceland.

1. There are 12 teams in Icelandic football's top flight.

2. Iceland arguably blew their big chance to win loads of Olympic medals. After a successful demonstration in 1912 they secured agreement from the IOC to include glima - a Viking martial art - at the Antwerp Games eight years later.

But due to a scheduled visit by the Danish king, Iceland withdrew all their wrestlers in order to entertain him.

3. One of the most popular dishes in Iceland is hakarl, or putrefied shark.

4. Ex-England keeper David James played for Iceland club IBV.

5. In a survey conducted in 1998, 54.4 per cent of Icelanders said they believed in the existence of elves.

6. Strip clubs have been banned in Iceland since 2010.

7. There are no McDonald's restaurants. The last McDonald's in Iceland closed in 2009.



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Date:Jun 27, 2016
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