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groping on the beach.

Dubai As the weather cools down and residents head back to the beaches, a new danger lurks on Dubai shores: sexual harassment.

And it's not just about unwanted attention or lewd behaviour. Underwater groping, a far more disturbing trend, is turning women away from Dubai beaches

Take the case of Candice, a 28-year-old Filipina who went to the Jumeirah open beach with her husband and friends two weeks ago. While having drifted further away from the group than planned, Candice got a nasty surprise. "I felt a hand on my right leg. Someone had swum up under me, grabbed hold of my leg and was caressing my thigh."

point of no return

Too afraid to react, Candice just swam back to shore and told her friends she was unwell and wanted to go home. "I was afraid that if I told my husband, he would have been on the hunt for this guy and created a scene. I just wanted the incident over with and forgotten," she says.

Candice admits to not being able to return to the beach on her own, and has had to find another area for her daily jogs.

Darleen, 31, had an equally harrowing experience. "Living on my own means I end up doing a lot of stuff alone, including going to the movies, shopping, the beacha One such evening, I felt like going for a midnight swim at the open beach in Jumeirah. I noticed a group of young men also swimming not too far away. Thinking nothing of it, I closed my eyes and was floating when I felt someone swim up under me and graze past my body. It was two guys pretending that they made a mistake. But as they were trying to appologise, they were reaching out to me underwater with their legs."

Darleen says she was so shaken up, she never ventured back to the beach after sunset.

Meanwhile, over at the JBR beach, expat friends Mary and Nadine report being leered at, with men "accidentally" brushing into them.

"I'm not game for a man aeaccidentally' nudging his elbow into my chest while straightening out his towel two inches away from mine, while there's an entire empty beach for him to lay down in. Nor do I enjoy having flocks of men swim all around me, again aeaccidentally' brushing past me, or leering at me in my swimwear," says Mary, a 32-year old Indian.

Her Italian friend Nadine, 29, agrees. "Although I've been told that it's much safer at Jumeirah Beach Park, it's too far away from where I live. If I want a quick swim, or a spot of sun, the open beach at JBR is my best bet. At first, I had no problems. But over the last year, I've been uncomfortable about going to the beach.

Dubai Police routinely cracks down on beach pests and has even set up a helpline on which victims can report lewd behaviour. But Nadine reckons her experiences don't merit a legal complaint. "That said, they are enough to make me reconsider going there on my own."

Note: Names have been changed to protect identities.

where you can complain

female Beachgoers who have been harassed or threatened on any of dubai's beaches can complain on 04-266 1228

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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