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SUNDERLAND 6.33 (450m): Kitmins Jane, Drumcrow Vicki, Mahoonagh Emy (M), Tabacco Road (M), Walk Tall (M), Ballymac Star (W). 6.49 (450m H/c): Any Sapphire (M) (4), Shaunas Vision (3), Its The Law (M) (2), Noirs Barrow (M) (2), Brosna Brae (W) (1), Ruthwell Joe (scr).

7.06 (450m): Lisquinlan Steel, Noirs May, Pennys Chewie, Lisneal Buddy (M), Haggswood Lee (M), Poolie Laura (M).

7.21 (450m): Dash Time, Porthall Nemo, Any Chance (M), Stunning Sky (M), Pukka Star (M), Autumn Wanda (M).

7.36 (450m): Sup Tara, Derryhogan Healy, Freffans Campion, Autumn Iris (M), Lisneal Poppie (M), Hestors Hound (M).

7.53 (450m): Farloe Cobra, Pity Me Puma, Galtee Dodger, Dark Secret (M), Flomur Tara (M), Fridays Gerry.

8.09 (450m H/c): Crossfield Diane (13), Runaway Blitz (M) (11), Judge That Boyo (W) (9), Jasons Gorgie (M) (4), Kilbarry Lucky (3), Market Winner (M) (scr). 8.26 (450m): Prime The Rank, Fast Blond, Starshinetexas (M), Toems Bluemoon (M), Allowdale Bruno (M). Pennys Loss (M).

8.44 (450m): Mucho Macho Ash, Get On Ameera, Nameless Icon (M), Effernogue Tom (M), Lisneal Grace (M), Dads Lad (M). 9.01 (450m): Cloncunny Hi, Darlo Lulebelle, Chetwynd Polly, Morgans Mac (M), Pennys Pawn (M), Fieldhouse Blitz (W). 9.17 (450m): Balmoral Elm, Danzey Rocket, Glebe Capri, Lacken Master (M), Working Annie (M), Norrieland (M).

Reserves: Another Tily, Archaton Silver, Autumn Marina (M), Cabra Trooper, Cu Sith Uine (M), Cuinns His Name, Ellies Gamble, Jumeirah Jon, Long Lost Friend, Market Opinion (M), Savana Sneezy (M), Silly Sophie, Socks And All (M), Sporting Panda, Witton Messi (M).

NEWCASTLE (BAGS) 11.11 (480m): Queenies Tommy, Shellam Rafi, Alba Cheyenne, Swift Silverlily, Blackhouse Dixie, Brockadale Boy.

11.28 (480m H/c): Cabin Fever (10), Melodys Gem (7), Canny Belter (6), Millabbey Mollie (6), Everyones Friend (5), Swift Leomard (scr).

11.42 (480m): A Bit Of Gold, Murleys Bob, Mollys Reggie, Izzys blue, Banfid Cymru, Canny Liberty.

11.57 (480m): Go On Jo, Romeo Native, Crooks Heidi, Spyinthesky, Best Tune, Dunvegan Lad.

12.12 (480m H/c): Target Reah (10), Oor Lucky (10), Blevedere Barney (8), Romeo Embargo (6), Guinness Zero (1), Best Opinion (scr).

12.27 (290m): Abbodabbo Ouzo, Pippys Jet, Airfield Shamie, Ballinakill Alan, Canny Agnes, Edwards Memorie (W).

12.42 (480m): Goin To Davys, Crooks Assassin, Doonanes Brigade, Baineann Si Leat, Turnhouse Ace, Time In Havana. 12.58 (640m H/c): Fabulous Chic (7), Quare Grove (7), Mullaca Spice (5), Mustang Andy (2), A Bit Of Hope (1), ButIdontdrink (scr).

1.12 (480m): Dreams of Dunelm, Ashbank Dec, Hanoras Gale, Ashbank Celt, Target Slick, Donegal Chick.

1.27 (480m): Masters Mate, Emers Ace, Alnwick Emma, Dipton Maestro, Caledonian Tide, Coolykereen Dan (W).

1.44 (290m): Kenzie Mac, Squire Gage, Aero Inferno, Havana Hi Ace, Ballymac Noble (W), Sidarian Zoom (W).

1.58 (480m): Brindlespotbabe, Folie A Deux, Lacken Benjy, Kildallon Beta, A Bit Of Blanket, Amadan Beag (W).

Reserves: Alnwick Bisto, Arctic Tiger, Blackhouse Luigi, Bramble Buster, Copeland Tilly, Corrakelly Storm, Doonanes Ladymol, Droopys Bouchard, Ferryforth Tiger, Hot To Trott, Marazion Tetra, Mollys Frankie, Patys Diva, Prince Jedamac, Sals Reflection.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 13, 2017
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