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50% of industrial facilities return to production in Damascus Countryside. Jan 28, 2020 169
Lavrov: Terrorists positioned in Idleb continue their provocations and attacks. Jan 28, 2020 126
Authorities ready to receive civilians willing to exit from terrorists-held areas. Jan 28, 2020 177
Military source: Turkish-backed terrorists prepare for false-flag chemical attack in western Aleppo, Idleb to accuse Syrian Arab Army. Jan 27, 2020 210
"Paritta" brings together nine artists in exhibition of creation and creativity. Jan 27, 2020 285
Terrorists brutally deal with civilians willing to leave to safe areas through corridors. Jan 27, 2020 151
Most prominent archaeological discoveries in Jableh city over past year. Jan 26, 2020 310
Army clears al-Ghadfeh of terrorists, pursues remnants in southern Idleb, destroys ammunition depot in western Aleppo. Jan 26, 2020 139
Syrian army destroys terrorists' ammunition depot in western Aleppo. Jan 26, 2020 144
FM: Operations of Syrian army and its allies in Aleppo, Idleb will not stop until terrorism eradicated. Jan 25, 2020 379
People of occupied Syrian Golan renew utter rejection of Israeli project of wind turbines. Jan 24, 2020 208
Huge crowds in Baghdad call for the ouster of US forces from Iraq. Jan 24, 2020 233
Al-Jaafari: Some countries try to repeat what happened in Iraq in Syria using allegations, fabricated lies related to WMD. Jan 21, 2020 611
A civilian martyred due to terrorist attacks on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo. Jan 20, 2020 148
34 Catholic bishops call their countries' governments to recognize State of Palestine. Jan 20, 2020 247
New archaeological discoveries found in Amrit and Safita in Tartous. Jan 20, 2020 303
Grospic calls for lifting unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria. Jan 20, 2020 128
Saleh: Iraq will not be launching pad for aggression on any of neighboring countries. Jan 19, 2020 151
Traveler Azzam arrives in Moscow at the end of his journey "Syria is the world". Jan 19, 2020 353
Zakharova: US presence in Syria completely contradicts international law. Jan 18, 2020 159
Presidential decree forbids the use of anything other than SP as payment means. Jan 18, 2020 115
Terrorist rocket shell attack on Banjaro village in Lattakia countryside. Jan 18, 2020 133
Terrorists still prevent civilians from reaching corridors in countryside of Aleppo, Idleb. Jan 18, 2020 273
The soul of female's inner worlds in exhibition at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts. Jan 17, 2020 323
Artist al-Samman combines Syrian mythology with present and future. Jan 16, 2020 241
Al-Hakawati profession is mini theater to present sermons, good values. Jan 14, 2020 451
Syrian Olympic football team beats Japan 2-1 in U-23 Asian Cup. Jan 13, 2020 101
Tens of citizens return from terrorists-infested areas in Aleppo countryside. Jan 13, 2020 117
Syrian army wipes out terrorists, destroys their vehicles in southeastern Idleb. Jan 11, 2020 121
Terrorists target Minyan with shells .. Army responds and destroys launching pads. Jan 11, 2020 116
Dean of the Syrian captives in the Israeli occupation jails liberated. Jan 10, 2020 279
Al-Maqat... Icon of struggle, steadfastness, loyalty to homeland, breathes freedom. Jan 10, 2020 443
Shoigu: Putin commended efforts of Russian forces in combating international terrorism. Jan 10, 2020 150
Millions of Iranians pay last respect to LT. General Soleimani in his hometown. Jan 7, 2020 124
Indian initiative for fitting artificial limbs for those injured in war. Jan 7, 2020 214
Shahba Museum ... Tales of ancient Greek myths in beautiful mosaic paintings. Jan 6, 2020 468
Millions of Iranians bid farewell to Soleimani, his companions in Tehran. Jan 6, 2020 146
20th general conference of Arab Teachers' Union kicks off in Damascus. Conference news Jan 6, 2020 142
Representing President al-Assad: Mamlouk participates in Soleimani funeral. Jan 6, 2020 218
Millions of Iranians bid farewell to Soleimani and his companions in Ahvaz. Jan 5, 2020 149
Al-Maqat: United States, Israel are sponsors and supporters of terrorism. Jan 5, 2020 248
Moscow: Soleimani assassination adventurous move that will flare up tension in region. Jan 3, 2020 378
President al-Assad offers condolences to Khamenei and Rouhani over the martyrdom of Soleimani. Jan 3, 2020 524
China opposes use of force in int'l relations, calls for respecting Iraq's sovereignty. Jan 3, 2020 169
Citrus festival in Lattakia, important economic and trade event. Dec 22, 2019 332
Christmas tree in Aleppo... Syrians celebrate as city recovers from years-long terrorism. Dec 22, 2019 159
Patriarch Yazigi: We pray for the return of peace and stability to Syria. Dec 20, 2019 119
Al-Wahda beats al-Ittihad 2-1...Tishreen leads Premier League. Dec 20, 2019 112
One civilian martyred in explosive device blast south of Damascus. Dec 17, 2019 113
Number of civilians wounded in terrorist attacks on al-Zahra town, northwest Aleppo. Dec 17, 2019 138
Syrian Arab Army responds to terrorists' attacks in Sinjar, destroys three tanks. Dec 17, 2019 134
President al-Assad: "The Belt and Road Initiative" constitutes worldwide transformation in international relations...There will be no prospect for US presence in Syria. Dec 16, 2019 3778
Christmas carnival roams Damascus streets spreading joy and festive mood. Dec 15, 2019 174
On 38th anniversary of annexation decision, occupied Golan will ever remain Syrian. Dec 14, 2019 414
People of occupied Syrian Golan more adhered to motherland, Syrian identity. Dec 14, 2019 444
First Mass at Saint George Church in Arbin after liberating it from terrorism. Dec 13, 2019 236
Lavrov, Turkish counterpart discuss developments in Syria. Dec 13, 2019 115
Al-Aghabany, threads of hope adorn clothes and homes with beautiful embroideries. Dec 13, 2019 350
Syrian Arab Republic delegation holds meeting with Russian delegation in framework of Astana. Dec 10, 2019 142
Czech website: Syria is beautiful country of important monuments. Dec 10, 2019 250
Lavrentiev: Participants in Astana 14th will discuss illegal US presence in Syria. Dec 10, 2019 190
Hamsho wins grand prix of 5th stage of Int'l peace championship. Dec 9, 2019 124
Czech website: Syria always formed bridge between world civilizations and cultures. Dec 9, 2019 171
2 martyred, others injured due to terrorist rocket shell attack on western Aleppo. Dec 9, 2019 145
Czech website: People of Syria wrote music thousands of years ago. Dec 8, 2019 197
11th session of Syrian-DPRK joint economic committee kicks off. Dec 8, 2019 317
Evidences prove Saudi regime's involvement in delivering arms to terrorists in Syria. Dec 8, 2019 372
Armenian Catholic Cathedral of Our Mother of Reliefs reopened in Aleppo. Dec 8, 2019 214
Syria participates in the diplomatic charitable Christmas fair and market in Odessa. Dec 8, 2019 108
Syria's Olympic football team beats Mali 1-0 in China Int'l Tournament. Dec 8, 2019 101
Syria committed to enhance implementation of legal instruments of IAEA's work. Dec 6, 2019 133
Clogs...Old rare heritage with few makers. Dec 6, 2019 293
Lavrov, Pedersen: Continuing intra-Syrian dialogue without external interference. Dec 6, 2019 131
Lavrov: The need to eliminate terrorism in Idleb and settle the crisis in Syria. Dec 6, 2019 196
Patriarch Absi renews call for lifting unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria. Dec 6, 2019 115
Syria joins Int'l network of animal welfare protection. Dec 6, 2019 173
"I love you Syria" marathon kicks off in Damascus. Dec 6, 2019 145
FM: US Congress resolutions on China blatant interference, violate international law. Dec 4, 2019 226
Syrian citrus crops are chemical-free. Dec 2, 2019 274
FM: Any opinions, statements by Washington or others will not affect work of Committee of Discussing Constitution. Dec 1, 2019 169
Barada Panel, largest and most important mosaic panel adorns portico Umayyad Mosque. Dec 1, 2019 318
The USA again foil the evacuation of displaced people from al-Rukban camp. Nov 30, 2019 422
For the first time in Syria transplantation of skull bone by 3D printing technology. Nov 30, 2019 429
Syria participates in PAM meeting on combating terrorism. Nov 30, 2019 248
Syrian film gets best director award at Marrakech International Festival. Nov 30, 2019 138
Al-Kuzbari: No session held due to other party's refusal to enter hall to discuss agenda. Nov 29, 2019 125
Syria calls on OPCW to hold hearing session to discuss its report on alleged Douma chemical attack. Nov 29, 2019 382
Pedersen: No agreement reached on agenda of Committee of Discussing Constitution. Nov 29, 2019 159
600 facilities resume production in Sheikh Najjar industrial city. Nov 29, 2019 224
Turkish regime's delegation obstructs Meetings of Committee of Discussing Constitution due to its refusal of agenda. Nov 26, 2019 343
Source close to national delegation: Turkish regime's delegation wants to pass certain agendas. Nov 26, 2019 268
Sabbagh: Syria rejects any conclusion to be issued by fact-finding mission. Nov 26, 2019 437
Syria, Iran ink executive program on joint cooperation in public services and housing. Nov 26, 2019 611
Hamsho wins grand prix of 4th stage of Int'l peace championship. Nov 25, 2019 114
Talented player Hmeshe is the best player in Asian and World Cup qualifiers. Nov 25, 2019 126
Meetings of second round of Mini-Committee of Discussing Constitution kick off. Nov 25, 2019 216
Lavrov: Syrians alone will decide their country's future. Nov 25, 2019 169
Environmental march in Damascus Countryside to spread social awareness on ecotourism. Nov 25, 2019 220
Syria, Iran to strengthen cooperation in field of public works and housing. Nov 25, 2019 187
Turkish occupation forces launch fierce attack on Ayn Issa in northern Raqqa. Nov 23, 2019 154

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