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Byline: with Steve Wollaston

DISNEY INFINITY 2.0 (PS4) WH| DISNEY released | DISNEY Infinity last August it was clear that it had taken a lot of notice of the huge success of the Skylanders franchise.

Agame based around a game based around a central hub with physical characters that accompany the game and interact with it.

The potential for | Disney was huge. Now making full use of Disney's Marvel license, it has launched Inifinity 2.0, packed with characters, vehicles and world's from the franchise.

Great characters such Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk are brilliant brands in their own right and Disney Infinity brings them to life perfectly.

In this year's version of Infinity there is a new-look Toy Box mode which has been tinkered with to add more depth to the worlds and the various game modes on offer.

A favourite part of the game is creating gigantic racetracks in space, the finish line is a ramp and we took great pleasure watching Spiderman hurtle into oblivion.

Toybox mode lets you build at will and use your imagination as much as you like. Playing properly in Storybook mode is excellent though with original stories written by award-winning Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis.

It is a polished improvement on the first Disney Infinity and is literally an infinite adventure full of thrills and puzzle solving.

Disney has really impressed me by making this backward compatible meaning everything you bought and saved from last year's game can be used on 2.0.

We initially tried the starter set of Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow, I can't think of a bad word to say, we will be reviewing more in the coming weeks. Rating ....

..| Diamond DIGGER SAGA (IOS)- FREE KING games strikes again with another addictive and equally annoying gem-based puzzle adventure.

The team behind Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes is back with another like-minded game to waste hours of your life too or annoy you with requests on Facebook.

Yes, we have seen it all before, this is no different, slightly tweaked, a new coat of paint, but the same gameplay at heart.

It isn't for everyone, it certainly isn't for me, but my kids, and wife can be found bleeping away on their phones to these.

They are perfect gaming fodder for students and commuters and require nothing but patience and quick fingers to play.

Diamond Digger offers more of the same frenetic match-three action with slightly different bonuses and new looking level designs.

It's a new angle to an ageing but successful, tried and tested formula.

....rating ....

INFAMOUS: FIRST LIGHT (PLATFORM: PS4) THIS budget priced spin-off to Infamous: Second Son sees gamers revisit the character of Abigail Walker, or Fetch as she was more commonly known.

With the ability to control and become neon, Fletch, hurtles through the striking cityscape in true technicolour fashion.

The game is a visual treat and exciting to look at, although watching my daughter play it gave me somewhat of a headache.

The game is adrenalinefuelled and a relentless adventure as we explore the world of the side character Fletch some more.

She is forced to relive tragedies from her past and unravel her dark secret in Seattle while battling to escape snowy Curdun Cay and pursue vengeance against those who did her wrong.

The game, if suffering from anything, could be criticised for being a little samey, it is great fun to blast your way around but after a while you tend to wonder what might happen that could feel different in terms of gameplay.


The game engine of Infamous is still a treat and with about five hours of gameplay and a great character to focus on, this isn't bad value for the money.

6. 7. M 8....

rating ....
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Date:Sep 21, 2014
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