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gadgets and gizmos.

REEBOK RUNTONE - pounds 90

Exercise is great but there's just one problem - it's hard work. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if it was, well, a bit easier? Well, strap a pair of Reebok's RunTone trainers to your plates of meat and every time you go for a jog, the air-filled balance pods in the sole absorb energy and make your leg muscles work harder, multiplying the effect. Apparently it feels like running on sand. For added value, stick a paddling pool in your back garden and you've got a very cheap beach holiday.


Wouldn't it be annoying if, every time you wanted to watch telly at your mate's house, you had to put on a special hat? Worse still, you couldn't bring your own hat with you but you had to use one specially designed to be worn on your mate's sofa. Right now, that's what's going on with 3D specs - active shutter glasses from one manufacturer might not work with another's active shutter telly. XpanD's X103s are compatible with TVs made by most of the big brands so you only need one pair of specs for all your 3D telly needs. The battery will last 100 hours too. Who knows, they might even launch a matching hat.

MUTEWATCH - pounds 200

Before long, everything you own will have a touchscreen. Your home has one, your laptop will replace its keyboard with one, you'll even end up ushing your toilet with one. Help speed up this tactile revolution with a Mutewatch. Its screen is hidden until you prod it, at which point you can swipe through functions. set a vibrating alert by tapping (it's silent, hence the watch's name), or delete one by pinching.

HULGER PLUMEN 001 - pounds 20

You can make anything pass for art these days. Just chuck a load of old spoons in a skip, call it a comment on the state of the British education system and someone will stick it in a gallery. Even a lightbulb as sculpted as Hulger's Plumen 001 would fit in down at the Tate. The 11-watt energy saver works like any other, cutting as much as 80 per cent off your bills and lasting eight times longer than an old-fashioned bulb. And when they look this good, why hide them away under lampshades? Put 'em on Put 'em on show and charge an entrance fee.


If you spend more time resting on nature's cushion than carving up the piste, chances are you're gonna get cold. Keep your bruised body warm with Rip Curl's Ultimate Jacket. It combines a super stretchy outer jacket with the S-Bomb inner best, which has a special heating system in the lower back to keep your torso toasty. Even on full power it'll keep going for three hours, meaning you've really got no excuse for retiring early for some apres ski schnapps. Shame, mind you.

For even more gadgets, see Stuff magazine or visit the website above
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Date:Oct 16, 2010
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