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for flu? Keep your germs at home WEBCHAT; Flu is circulating at 'high intensity' as the virus strikes care homes and hospitals.

So they spray children up and down the country for months with the FluMist in schools, which contains flu strains H3N2 and b/ yamagata (Aussie and Japanese), the Flumist is a live virus. Children are the biggest transmitters of viruses. And lo and behold, everyone is coming down with the flu, dominant strains being H3N2 and b/yamagata! But dont worry, its just a coincidence! Marie Purdie The majority of the UK can't tell the difference between cold and flu. You can barely stand when you have flu.

Lara Sophia Lamb Why are people still going to GPs for flu? Keep your germs at home you fools. There are people at GP surgeries with real medical illnesses and are already vulnerable.

Joanne-cupcake Cahill Oh dear, I've got to go to the GP's tomorrow. Think I'll wear a mask as so far I've managed to dodge it. Tracy Galleozzie Bibbings Don't go to the doctor's with the flu. You'll just spread it to people who are already sick and might be vulnerable. If you have an illness that it might make worst. Ring your doctor for advice. Otherwise, rest and drink plenty of fluids and you'll get over it.

Becky Churchill Anyone know why they give pregnant women the flu jab despite the package insert saying that its not tested for safety in pregnant women? And been linked to a huge rise in miscarriages! Please, pregnant women, never inject yourself with toxic ingredients and viruses. Marie Purdie Why are people going to their doctor with a cold or flu? Sufferers should wear a mask like they do in Asian countries so you don't pass it on to others Peter Collier When was the last time we saw the sun in the UK? And when the sun is out just watch how many planes criss-cross the sky leaving trails which spread out which turn the sky white till the sun disappears Christopher Salt What's this scare everyone into the flu jab. American style tactics for pharmaceutical companies to make money. Sara Jane Au If you have flu, just stay at home, don't spread it.

Brenda Jones Shock as flu cases increase during winter Ashley William Caldwell Omg it's flu season and there's flu I'm so shocked Jack Ennis Leebrook Don't get the flu shot or mist! It's just as useful as undeveloped film after sun exposure! Useless! Nikki Seale I've had my flu jab every year being Asthmatic it's a must. I've only had flu once!

Judith Dessington Jackson I've not had my flu jab this year, I think they should bring back the anti bacteria hand pumps. Brenda Jones If you really have flu you will be too ill to even think about visiting your doctor.

John Bevan If you want flu, have a flu jab.

Guaranteed to work, instant results..

Paul Everitt I don't want it Jade Clayton

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 23, 2018
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