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flush away bad habits.

MORE than half of couples living together wish they had two bathrooms, according to a survey by Soap Supplier.

They are fed up of bad bathroom habits that leave wet towels on the floor and somebody else's hair blocking the plughole in the shower.

Worst offences cited are splashing the toilet seat, not flushing, not replacing the toilet roll and leaving the seat up.

"Having one's own bathroom is clearly highly prized," says Nicky Story from Soap Supplier. "But if you are sharing, it's key to maintain some bathroom etiquette for a harmonious home."

What the survey fails to take into account is that if a home does have two bathrooms, they are unlikely to be his and hers, but will be used communally. We have an upstairs bathroom and a downstairs loo but I would hate to be consigned to the one downstairs because it would mean getting showered in the sink.

Besides, I was the only bloke in our house, with a wife and two daughters and even the cats were female, and I soon learnt both etiquette and my place in the pecking order of domestic life. I always leave the bathroom as I would wish to find it and the seat is always down. Perfect gent, that's me. I dare not be anything else.

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Title Annotation:News; Teasers
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 17, 2018
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