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Babe Sunday, ITV2, 1.20pm Dick King-Smith's children's book about a piglet who trains to be a sheepdog is brought magically to the screen in this enchanting comedy drama. A mix of real animals, seamless effects work and a likable voice cast brings the four-legged characters to life - while the film boldly doesn't shy away from reminding the audience where their bacon sandwiches really come from... ????? .....

Sleepless in Seattle Wednesday, 5?, 9pm This old-fashioned and genuinely sweet love story stars Tom Hanks (right) as a widowed father unable to cope with his loss, prompting his son (Josh Malinger, middle) to ring up a radio phone-in programme and appeal for a new wife. Meg Ryan (left) plays a reporter having second thoughts about her own impending marriage who is moved to track him down. ???? ....

Sense and Sensibility Friday, More4, 9pm Ang Lee proved an inspired choice to bring Jane Austen's classic novel to the screen, crafting a credible period setting around Emma Thompson's witty and moving Oscar-winner of a script, and getting the very best out of a strong cast. Kate Winslet (pictured) and Thompson herself lead the ensemble as chalkand-cheese sisters - one passionate, the other sensible, and both proving somewhat unlucky in love... ????? .....


a pig learns to be a sheepdog in this animal adventure

Meg Ryan finds tom Hanks in this romantic tale

kate Winslet stars in this Jane austen adaptation
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 13, 2013
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