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fashion: dear caroline; Your exclusive beauty and grooming tips from Mac cosmetics senior makeup artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

Byline: Caroline Donnelly

I'm writing this having just returned home from Las Vegas. I travelled over there last Saturday along with my UK colleagues to attend a global Senior Artist Workshop.

I attended a fantastic History of Makeup workshop where they talked about art and how it linked with the fashion industry, for instance - Mondrian or Kandinsky influencing fabric design and so on.

I know a lot about these subjects and artists as I went to art and fashion schools and from my parents who always took us to galleries and exhibitions, but it was really interesting seeing other people present this in their own unique and inspiring way.

During the other meetings we had guest speakers come in to talk to us to share with us some of their professional knowledge. We had a photographer, a journalist and an anchor woman (Kim Wagner) from an American TV channel talking to us about their jobs and what they need from us as make up artists.

A photo shoot was also set up for us which was very ambitious as we were all to get our work photographed, but it worked out and I have included a shot I took on my own camera. All in all it was an amazing week It seems a long way since I was sitting in college doing graphic design and realising this wasn't where my passion was. I'm glad I kept looking and found it!

Q. I love the shimmery look some models manage to get on their skin - but I always look greasy! How can I achieve it?

The trick is to carefully choose your areas of highlight and shimmer carefully and keep the rest of the skin matte to avoid greasy looking skin. I use a number of products, depending on exactly the look I'm wanting to achieve. For an almost wet looking, editorial-inspired sheen I don't think anything can beat MAC Cream Colour base. This is used on runways and in photo shoots for that high, wet look shine you will have seen on models.

For a more shimmery version, MAC Iridescent Powders are great, and double us as a fab shimmer to add to collar bones, shoulders and anywhere else you might want to highlight. Apply your highlight to cheekbones to accent the structure of the face. Highlighting the cupid's bow can help to add volume to the lips, and if sparingly applied, highlight on the bridge of the nose can help the skin look sheeny, like it's glowing from within.

Keep other areas of the face more matte to avoid looking oily, paying particular attention to the sides of the nose and the forehead. I have included a photo I took this week of a model I did in Las Vegas who has this kind of look. I wanted her skin to look absolutely perfect and absolutely hydrated and healthy with long, long lashes as the focus of my make up. To get these lashes I took strips of lashes and chopped them up so I applied each lash as if it were an actual piece of hair so that even close up each hair looked completely real.

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2007
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