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fashion: Your guide to achieving perfection.

EVER wished you had a make-up artist on speed dial? You may have perfected your daily make-up routine but the minute you try something different, it can all end in mascara-tinged tears.

When in doubt, Rae Morris's new book, Make-up: The Ultimate Guide, gives you all the step-by-step instructions you need to tackle the basics like a true professional.


OK, so you have a blip the size of Mount Everest getting in the way of achieving a flawless face. Don't panic. Rae recommends drowning the blemish in whitening or red-reducing eye drops.

"Leave on for as long as you can and rinse off before applying makeup," she says.

"The only eye drops you can't use are tinted blue.

"Only after you've applied foundation should you apply concealer to any areas which require it."


"Most people probably think this is too harsh or over the top for the average women," says Rae. "But smoky eyes don't have to be harsh."

Give your peepers some sex appeal with Rae's top tips: Lining the inner eye with a creamy white pencil will open up the eyes; lining the eyes with black gives a cat-like effect.

If you want to add a little more colour, just hit the corner of your eyelids with a bright lavender, gold or blue.


Is an Angelina Jolie pout on your wish-list? Forget the fillers and trout pout injections and let your make-up do the hard work.

"To create a fuller lip, first apply a highlight colour to the Cupid's bow, then apply your lipstick. This is quite simply the best trick in the book," Rae advises.

"Using the same highlighter pigment, highlight the middle of the bottom lip. This creates roundness and a fuller bottom lip. I always do this after I apply lipstick."


"Glowing up or highlighting the skin doesn't mean slapping on highlighter all over the face," Rae warns.

"When I talk about highlighting, I mean having special parts of your face that illuminate and glow, such as your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes."

MAKE-UP: The Ultimate Guide, by Rae Morris, is published by Apple Press, priced pounds 16.99. Available from Monday, June 2. To order a copy for pounds 14.99 with free p&p, call 01903 8288 503 quoting ref. L003.


Make-up expert Rae Morris; Full, sexy lips can be yours in moments without surgery
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 5, 2008
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