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excerpt from My Doll, My Style.

Heart top

This shirt features a hi-low hemline and a connected sleeve. It is an over-the-head style with no Velcro closures, making it a quick sew. Also included is a heart applique for a fun and easy-to-add embellishment.


+ Light- to medium weight super-stretch knit, 1/4 yard (0.2 m)

+ Light- to medium weight heat-tolerant knit for the heart applique, 1/4 yard (11.5 cm)

+ Double needle for hems (optional)

+ Thread: 2 spools coordinating with fabric, 1 spool coordinating with heart (if you're using a double needle for the single-fold hem)

+ Iron-on adhesive

+ Heart Top pattern pieces: Front, Back, Applique template

All seam allowances are 1/4" (6 mm) unless otherwise noted.


* Main fabric: This pattern requires fabric with a lot of stretch! Use a 4-way superstretch fabric with good stretch recovery.

* Applique fabric: Use a knit fabric for no-fray edges. Any stretch percentage from low to super stretch will work. Add a little pizzazz with a shiny performance-knit fabric. Once you've ironed on the applique you can stitch an overlay fabric onto the applique that is not heat-tolerant, such as sequin fabric, and special occasion fabric with a no-fray netting or knit backing. Cut the overlay fabric using your applique template, pin, and straight stitch in place.

Use a regular zigzag stitch or double needle for the hems as this top needs a lot of stretch.

1. Using the pattern pieces, cut out the fabric. Transfer the notches on the pattern to the fabric with a disappearing-ink fabric marker.

2. With right sides together, match the notches on the front and back shoulder. Pin the front and back fabric pieces together along the shoulder seams. Sew with a regular zigzag stitch (Figure 1). Trim the seam allowance and the press seams flat.

3. Switch to a double needle. Create a single-fold hem with a double needle to finish the edges of the sleeves, hemline, and neckline (Figure 2).

Note: You can also finish the edges with a single-fold hem with a regular zigzag stitch using a single needle.

4. Switch back to a single needle. With right sides together, pin front and back side seams. Using a regular zigzag stitch, sew the side seams (Figure 3). Trim the seam allowance and clip the curve. Turn the shirt right side out and press.

5. If desired, add the applique heart or see the sidebar at right for other applique embroidery design ideas.


Doll clothing is the perfect canvas for machine embroidery and a great way to use up test stitchouts. In addition to the cute heart featured here, consider other applique machine embroidery designs to create a custom doll outfit perfect for fall. Celebrate the season, a favorite pastime (ahem, sewing!), a special vacation and more.

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Date:Sep 1, 2018
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