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emo tsunami.

 sometimes she's so lonely
 she unscrews herself like a bolt at 4:00 a.m.
from the jittery rhinestoned terror of it
from the wasted life / cats will gnaw the face from her skull before the
villagers smell the smell of it
from the only an ativan can slow the oscillating tornado siren in her
chest deafening the corn of it
from the only a second ativan can begin to smudge the incriminating
rusted-out edges of the set stain of it
a menace of loneliness luminous as a bare bulb snapped on in the dark
false marigold and fire to lost starships of moths
a menace of loneliness so hot she could dustbuster everyone / everything
into the slo-mo implosion of her failed star's self:
a pogrom of beloveds a covey of towhees an escargatoire of sunflowers a
yoke of artichokes a fluther of jellyfish a bouquet of axolotls
a plump of cummerbunds a wedge of polystyrene an ostentation of aerosols
a lamentation of cloverleafs a pride of skylines a knob of nylon
a boil of decontaminants a scourge of becquerels a skein of gamma rays a
zeal of sieverts an exaltation of protactinium a husk of primordial
a half-life / of a half-life a mean lifetime / of a mean lifetime
suicide pact / with the cosmos
be together / be together forever
we are stardust we are molten we are black holes 

LEE ANN RORIPAUGH is the author of Beyond Heart Mountain (1999), which was selected by Ishmael Reed for the National Poetry Series; Year of the Snake (2004); and On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year (2009).

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Title Annotation:three poems
Author:Roripaugh, Lee Ann
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2014
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