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embeddedMIND(TM) Adds Netconf Management Protocol.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- embeddedMIND has added Netconf to the range of standard management protocols supported by their model-driven management layer.

Netconf is a transport independent XML-based complete management layer protocol whose charter includes differentiation of configuration and non-configuration data. Developed in the IETF by the Netconf working group this new protocol has been designed to build upon the industry experience of SNMP and to meet new needs for automation and greater control over configuration data. Standardisation has started with RFC 4741 in December 2006 and is now proceeding to cover notifications and other areas.

"We are looking forward to working with the makers of networked equipment to explore the use of this exciting new approach to device management," said David French, VP of product management for embeddedMIND. "Netconf provides an interesting new approach to device management and is a natural fit to our model-driven architecture. For existing devices embeddedMIND also provides a transition path for makers who require one or more of the current management protocols such as CLI, SNMP and Web/XML and now wish to offer Netconf. For our existing global customer base Netconf is simply a new software component which can be seamlessly added to the management layer thus providing a roadmap into next generation management functionality."

About embeddedMIND

embeddedMIND(TM) is a division of Silicon and Software Systems Ltd (S3).

The embeddedMIND product family was developed based on the experience gained over a 20-year period of providing solutions for the world's leading networking equipment manufacturers.

embeddedMIND has been built from the ground up to provide a unified approach to network device management. Our unique architecture enables us to support today's and tomorrow's network management standards while minimizing the impact of changing interfaces on our customers' application. embeddedMIND scales from access to core applications and has been deployed in infrastructures as diverse as wireless base stations, enterprise routers and high-end metro-edge routers.

embeddedMIND provides a key part of the system infrastructure in an off-the-shelf solution that provides high quality, robust, carrier-grade performance. This enables equipment manufacturers to focus on providing value-added features and services to their customers. For further information visit

About Netconf

Further information on Netconf can be found at the IETF Netconf WG website
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Date:Jun 20, 2007
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