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emailtopia offers improved Response Manager 4.0 for high-volume call centers.

emailtopia, a provider of e-mail response management software, has announced the availability of Response Manager 4.0. The new version enables customers to respond to e-mail inquiries by providing increased performance and scalability. Response Manager, the flagship product for emailtopia, is an intelligent, server-based e-mail management tool that integrates with standard e-mail clients and is used to route, track and archive "corporate asset" inbound e-mail from group inboxes. Response Manager 4.0 also offers customers message assignment improvements, LDAP user authentication, powerful message-searching options (wildcards, Boolean operators, proximity) and customizable alert recipients and thread identifier formatting.

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Title Annotation:New Products; e-mail response management software
Publication:Customer Interaction Solutions
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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