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eZ Unveils eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4.

Chicago, IL, October 01, 2010 --( As an eZ Publish Enterprise, you will get all the power and ease-of-use of the eZ Publish community project, along with professionally supported, maintained and packaged software that includes additional Enterprise features and services.

This release of eZ Publish Enterprise integrates all the Enterprise services into a Service Portal in the administration interface of eZ Publish, making administrators' lives simpler.

Engage more with end users and editors, make it faster, easier, and more fun

With version 4.4, eZ Publish provides users a range of new features that will help them succeed in their day-to-day use of eZ Publish, whether they are simple end users reading content on a website, occasional contributors, editors or administrators.

The brand new built-in Online Image Editor will provide a simple and easy way for editors to perform the most common tasks of photo management in eZ Publish. New with this version, the native support for HTML5 videomakes HTML5 video feedback an off-the-shelf feature. No tricky development needed, simply reuse the HTML5 video datatype. Publishing on new mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad is a snap. Theadministration interface improves Content Browsing functionality, making it easier to navigate through large sets of content. Your User Generated Content gets a helping hand with the addition of native support for reCaptcha, the Google-based free captcha service on the web, which helps prevent your website from being infested by bot spam.

A range of improvements to eZ Publish's usability and additional capabilities will engage the entire spectrum of users on the web.

Provide developers tools to take their apps to the next level

Developers; eZ Publish 4.4 has a lot to offer, with a host of new technical features dedicated to developing on the platform. A new User Session handler gives you more possibilities for the configuration of web servers. File system-based user session management multiplies the performance of eZ Publish servers when talking to a large audience of anonymous users. A new Archiving toolkit implements large volume archiving scenarios where old content can be moved to archive repositories, and can still be searched and rendered with all the power of the eZ Publish presentation engine.

eZ Publish 4.4 improves section management, multi-site setup, and extension loading, but the biggest news is the Developer Preview of the forthcoming eZ Publish API. The eZ Publish API shows the way for developing remote applications for new devices. Connecting to eZ Publish and using its content and functionalities is easier than ever. The light-weight remote API makes eZ Publish the platform of choice for Mobile Content Management, whether you focus on the iPhone and iPad platforms, Android or Blackberry.

Introducing the next-generation Newsletter

Mass communication on the eZ Publish 4.4 platform is a snap. The new Newsletter system, developed in collaboration with the CJW partner, an eZ partner and active member of the eZ community, is a prime example of community innovation. This new add-on to eZ Publish will be delivered, supported, and maintain by the eZ Systems team shortly after the 4.4 release, so stay tuned. This kind of collaborative effort between eZ and third-party developers is the future of Content Management.

Unsurpassed Quality and Solidity

And, last but not least, eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4 sets a new standard for Quality Assurance and standards. Never before has an eZ Publish version been so thoroughly tested and improved from a Quality stand-point. eZ has been known for years as a provider of quality software that is stable, mature and has a low incidence of bugs, but with version 4.4, eZ raised the bar even higher. Where quality is concerned, eZ is never satisfied, and will continue to improve.

About eZ

Founded in 1999, eZ Systems is the world's largest Open Source Content Management software company withoffices in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.

eZ Systems is the creators of eZ Publish, the award winning enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management Platform, which is used by more than 200 000 websites in more than 160 countries.

As the open source alternative for top tier web content management, customers include United States Navy and French Ministry of Defense, Harvard and MIT, Lagardere group, CNBC and Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, T-Mobile, France Telecom and Orange, Sparkassen, Banque Populaire and Oslo Stock Exchange.


Contact Information:

eZ Systems

Bertrand Maugain

+ 47 35 58 70 20

Twitter : @bmaugain
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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