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ePeople Extends Online Support Solution With Introduction of Marketplace Assistant; Innovative Marketplace Solution Makes Computer Problem Resolution Fast and Easy.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2000

ePeople (formerly NoWonder), the largest online marketplace for IT services and support, today announced a major enhancement to its online service delivery tools with the introduction of the Marketplace Assistant(TM) application.

Consistent with ePeople's ongoing effort to deliver the best customer-focused resource for IT services and support, Marketplace Assistant is a suite of online tools for solving technical issues quickly and more efficiently. Marketplace Assistant joins a host of other service delivery tools available in the marketplace, such as screensharing and live chat, which quickly expedite and personalize computer problem resolution while generating a positive online support experience for both user and service provider.

"Marketplace Assistant is a fully Web-integrated support solution designed for convenience and ease of use," said Chris Derossi, co-founder and chief technology officer of ePeople. "The sophisticated capabilities of the solution are delivered to the user in an easy and seamless manner, illustrating ePeople's engineering commitment and ability to offer the very best in online support services."

How it Works

Marketplace Assistant is an integral part of the ePeople online support resolution system and can be installed automatically to the user's desktop upon their initial visit to

By double-clicking on the Marketplace Assistant icon located in the desktop system tray, the user is taken directly to the ePeople online marketplace where they can ask their support question. This innovative solution captures the user's system information along with their support question in a format that makes it easier for technicians to provide a fast and accurate answer to the user's computer problem. ePeople provides the user's information only to service providers solving the user's problem and allows users to review all system information prior to posting. Information is limited to system information, not personal information such as passwords and files. All information gathered is protected under the ePeople Privacy Policy, which has been certified by TRUSTe. With each visit to, Marketplace Assistant automatically updates itself to the latest version.

Marketplace Assistant has an extensible framework for automatically collecting system information such as:

-- Operating System: Type of operating system, version number,

build, service pack, installation directory, machine name and

amount of memory used and available.

-- Processor: Type of processor and speed.

-- BIOS: Name, version number and release date.

-- Disk Drives: Number of drives, type of file system used and

space available.

-- Device Drivers: What hardware is attached, name and size of

drivers and version numbers.

-- Network: The make and model of network card and when it was


About ePeople

ePeople (formerly NoWonder) is the largest online marketplace for IT services and support. The ePeople marketplace provides business users with a resource for fast, reliable and personalized technical assistance, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ePeople empowers buyers of IT support to choose the right provider at the price they are willing to pay and provides them with a robust infrastructure for service and support delivery, tracking and billing. Customers and partners of ePeople include CNET, Microsoft Corp., McAfee, Seagate Software, SITEL Corporation, and TechRepublic. More information on ePeople is available at

Note to Editors: ePeople and Marketplace Assistant are trademarks of ePeople, Inc. of Mountain View, Calif. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Jul 17, 2000
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