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eMag Solutions Announces Availability of MediaMerge/TapeSecure; New Software Application Enables the Company's Partners and Clients to Safely Secure Tape Copies at No Cost before Sending Them off-Site for Compliance, Legal Discovery, or Storage.

NEW YORK -- eMag Solutions, a leading international electronic discovery company, today announced the availability of its new MediaMerge/TapeSecure (MM/TapeSecure) software application at the LegalTech New York Conference. MM/TapeSecure enables eMag's partners and clients to securely transport data off-site while maintaining regulatory compliance with data security and privacy laws.

Today, most organizations send their tape copies off-site for discovery purposes or archiving without encrypting the data. As a result, the important data contained on those tapes becomes vulnerable if the tapes are lost or stolen. And indeed there have been many recent high profile instances of companies losing back-up tapes that contain critical customer information.

Through the use of MM/TapeSecure, eMag's partners and clients can encrypt their tape back-ups at no cost during the copy process via a small computer system interface (SCSI) device. In addition, these organizations no longer have to manage multiple proprietary back-up encryption methodologies. Public key cryptography is used to encrypt and decrypt tape data using asymmetric keys. These keys allow a corporation or law firm to use an encryption key for encrypting the data and then provide a decryption key to the vendor for use in decrypting and reading the tape data. MM/TapeSecure users are also able to choose between various encryption algorithms, including 3DES, RSA, DSA, DH, Blowfish and AES.

"By utilizing MM/TapeSecure, our partners and clients can now securely copy their valuable tape back-ups at no cost and confidently send them off-site," said Brendan Sullivan, president of eMag Solutions. "Data owners can now rest assured that even if the tape gets lost, the data will remain inaccessible thus ensuring secure data protection."

About eMag Solutions

Based in Atlanta with European offices in the United Kingdom, eMag Solutions is a leading electronic discovery company specializing in accessing data from a variety of archived sources, helping organizations reduce business risk. Founded in 1964 as Datatape Corporation, the company is privately held. For more information about eMag Solutions, call 800-364-9838, email or visit

eMag Solutions is owned by Patriarch Partners LLC, ("Patriarch") an investment fund based in New York and Charlotte, North Carolina. Patriarch provides portfolio management services to 8 leveraged funds and a private equity fund consisting of a diverse company portfolio including credit facilities in respect to approximately $4.5 billion of assets including equity ownership positions (majority and minority) in more than 60 companies.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 30, 2006
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