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eLOT, Inc. Partners With Oberthur Gaming Technologies to Launch Global Internet Lottery Sales Initiative.

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NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 16, 2001

Oberthur Obtains Ownership Position in eLOT, Inc.

In a move that will significantly boost the company's global exposure, eLOT, Inc. (OTCBB:ELOT), a leading provider of web-based retailing and Internet marketing services to governmental lotteries, announced today it has entered into a strategic alliance with Oberthur Gaming Technologies, a global leader in instant lottery services.

eLOT and Oberthur have agreed to partner and jointly market e-commerce services to Oberthur's lottery clients around the world. Through this agreement, Oberthur's customers will have full access to eLOT's Internet tools; including Web site development services and the ability to access eLOT's ticket sales interface to securely sell lottery tickets over the Internet.

In addition to licensing its instant ticket gaming systems to Oberthur, eLOT has agreed to issue to Oberthur 1.5 million eLOT shares, and compensate Oberthur with eLOT common stock or cash for the successful introduction of any future business.

"By combining our internet technology and Oberthur's marketing expertise, we will be able to offer lotteries around the world the best Web-based sales and marketing tools and solutions," said eLOT's President and CEO, Edwin McGuinn. "This partnership also positions both companies to take advantage of the opportunities that will certainly arise as new international laws and regulations are passed."

Oberthur chose eLOT as a strategic partner because eLOT's products and services are another way Oberthur can provide their client's with a wide variety of products and services to meet their goals, including access to entertaining, interactive games designed to attract new and more affluent players. "As a leading innovator in the industry, Oberthur is constantly seeking to form alliances with companies who we feel can help us meet and exceed our client's wants and expectations," said John Connelly, Vice-President of Corporate Strategic Development for Oberthur. "We selected eLOT's platform because it is a demonstrated market leader among companies offering Web-based lottery products and services." Security was another deciding factor. eLOT's products and services provide the most effective security controls and tracking methods, adding to Oberthur's already impressive array of secure and quality products.

eLOT and Oberthur will feature this new partnership during private presentations at World Meet 2001, which will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico from October 11 -15 for all members of the World Lottery Association and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. The services will be available to clients beginning in October 2001.

About eLOT. Inc.

eLOT, Inc. is committed to leading the governmental lottery industry into the e-commerce market. The Company's subsidiary, eLottery, Inc., is a leading web-based retailer of governmental lottery tickets and has developed, installed and operated systems that have processed e-commerce lottery ticket sales and transactions. It has operated Internet, Intranet, telephone, communications, accounting, banking, database and other applications and services that can facilitate the electronic sale of new and existing lottery products worldwide. eLottery is also an application service provider of Internet marketing and advertising technology for lotteries. The Company's IMARCS (Internet Marketing Analysis Research and Communications System) database marketing solution enables government lotteries to attract, register and communicate with lottery players through advanced Internet technology. eLottery's corporate web site is located at

About Oberthur Gaming Technologies:

Oberthur Gaming Technologies is the Lottery Division of Francois-Charles Oberthur (FCO). FCO is a global leader in high-security printing specializing in instant lottery printing, banknotes, passports, stamps, smart cards and other security documents.

As one of the largest suppliers of lottery tickets in the world, Oberthur provides a full range of high quality products and services to over 100 customers in some 50 countries. It is the sole lottery ticket supplier with on-the-ground experience and facilities close to its customers and markets throughout the world with plants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa and the United States. Oberthur's corporate web site is located at

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Oberthur Gaming Technologies

Lyse Trudel, Public Relations Officer - Corporate

(+514) 254-3600, ext. 101

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 16, 2001
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