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eGain eService Enterprise. (Technology Highlights).

Handling customer information coming in from various media is perhaps the greatest challenge for contact centers, and finding a solution that can efficiently and effectively handle these interactions is also a challenge. The eGain eService Enterprise (E3) is designed to provide a solution that stretches from voice to Web self-service to e-mail and live Web collaboration. According to Max Fiszer, vice president of marketing at eGain, eGain eService Enterprise supplies the tools to provide intelligent escalation, passing along vital customer information as the contact escalates. E3 is built on Internet-class architecture, is available on multiple platforms and provides multi-language support across service channels and user profiles for ease of use by corporations with a global reach. The eGain Call Center Bridge is a CTI solution that integrates eGain's Internet communication solutions with company ACDs so Internet contacts can be centrally queued, routed, logged and monitored.

To help contact center agents provide the right answers to customer inquiries, the eGain Knowledge Agent uses case-based reasoning to determine the appropriate questions that will help them arrive at the correct answers. User profiles help ensure customers receive documents that meet their individual needs.

E3's Web self-service module consists of a customer service portal, a virtual Web site assistant, guided help for complex questions and dynamically generated FAQs. When a customer visits the portal or asks for help at the Web site, the eGain Assistant (a virtual assistant) determines the nature of the customer's inquiry through a series of natural language questions. Different courses of action are then taken based on whether the inquiry is simple, complex or uncommon. If the customer cannot find an answer, he or she can immediately escalate to a live agent.

For e-mail inquiries, E3 provides routing rules that ensure the right agent receives the inquiry, and provides agents with customer information profiles and a complete history of prior interactions. Agents have access to customer information profiles and a complete history of prior interactions. E3 also incorporates list and campaign management tools, such as segmentation, message personalization, secure messaging and automatic list updating.

To serve customers who are sending in inquiries from a company's Web site, eGain Live and eGain Interact provide the agents with the ability to engage in online text chat, cobrowsing and callbacks. For example, agents can guide customers around Web sites or assist in filling in forms, and all the while the agent has access to customer and company information to ensure a successful experience for the customer.

In addition to these features, E3 provides reporting tools for performing qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.
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