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Byline: rick fulton

RIPPER STREET ALL eight episodes of the violent and gory BBC drama series set in 1889 London.

It has been six months since the last murder attributed to Jack the Ripper and police from H Division are no closer to catching the shadowy figure who has brought terror to the streets of Whitechapel.

When more women are slain in a similar fashion, DI Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), Sergeant Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn) and American forensics expert Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) join forces to restore law and order.

What they uncover is deeply disturbing. DVD PS24.99/Blu-ray PS29.99 DAVID Attenborough and his colleagues at the BBC's natural history unit embark on an epic quest. They aim to document undiscovered species of Africa's five major regions, against breathtaking landscapes from the Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope.

DVD PS19.99/Blu-ray PS24.99 S????? 15 A QUIRKY thriller from Oliver Stone. Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) are best buddies who share not just a marijuana growing business, but a girlfriend in the shape of O (Blake Lively). But Mexican mobster (Benicio Del Toro) kidnaps O and the boys seek bloody revenge. John Travolta also stars as a crooked cop. DVD PS14.95/Blu-ray PS17 DOCTOR WHO: THE ARK IN SPACE ?????A PERNICIOUS alien life form plots to invade Earth in this four-parter, originally broadcast in 1975.

The Time Lord (Tom Baker) and his companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) arrive on an ageing space station, which turns out to be an ark for the human race.

Passengers have been in suspended animation for centuries and an insectoid has infiltrated the ship to use the slumbering humans as hosts for eggs.

DVD PS19.99 BLANDINGS THE stories of PG Wodehouse provide the inspiration for this six-part sitcom set in 1929. Clarence Threepwood (Timothy Spall) presides over Blandings Castle with a sense of weariness. His dream is to be left in peace and quiet with his pet pig.

Unfortunately, Clarence shares his sprawling home with a domineering sister Connie (Jennifer Saunders) and dim-witted son Freddie (Jack Farthings), who both have a habit of creating uproar. DVD PS19.99 GET SHAKEN AND STIRRED SKYFALL 12 DANIEL Craig breathed new, gritty life into the 007 franchise in 2006's Casino Royale. But his follow-up, Quantum of Solace in 2008, returned to the Bond-by-numbers that the series had become. Then came Skyfall.

It's now the biggest-grossing Bond ever and with good reason. It will be remembered as a great film, not just a great Bond.

Everything you love about the films is there - action, sexy girls, great one-liners, a monster baddie and Adele's incredible theme tune.

Bond is reportedly killed in action and section chief M (Judi Dench) pens an obituary as a political storm rages around her.

A database of MI6 assets has fallen into the wrong hands, compromising undercover agents around the world. While M fends off sustained attacks on her reputation, it emerges Bond has survived and M engages her physically bruised agent to track down menacing cyber terrorist Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). Bond's search for him unearths dark secrets from M's past that threaten to bring down MI6.

Skyfall opens with a breathtaking 12-minute pre-credits sequence, which draws heavily from the Bourne franchise. Sam Mendes's film looks stunning. Craig is still too pouty for me to believe he's a trained killer, but Bardem is deliciously camp and menacing, and Dench is glorious. Ben Whishaw asserts himself as a gadget geek worthy of the Q mantle. In his 50th anniversary year, Ian Fleming's debonair secret agent is on top form. Also available to buy DVD PS22.99/Daniel Craig Collection DVD box set PS24.99/ Blu-ray PS26.99/Daniel Craig Collection Blu-ray box set PS32.99


CLASSIC 3 Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in one of the best 007 movies ever
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