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draw [1].


Pronunciation: \'dr[dot]\


drew \'dru\

drawn \'dr[dot]n\


1 : to cause to move by pulling <Draw the curtains, please.> <She drew a chair up to the table.>

2 : to create a picture of by making lines on a surface <I drew a map on the chalkboard.>

3 : to bring or pull out <Draw your sword!>

4 : to move in a particular direction <He drew back in horror.>

5 : to bend (a bow) by pulling back the string

6 : to move or go slowly or steadily <Spring is drawing near.>

7 : attract 2 <The fair drew a crowd.> <He didn't want to draw attention to himself.>

8 : to get as a response <The speech drew cheers.>

9 : to bring or get from a source <draw blood>

10 : inhale 1 <Draw a deep breath.>

11 : to let air flow through <The fireplace is drawing well.>

12 : withdraw 1 <I drew money from the bank.>

13 : to take or get at random <We drew names from a hat.>

14 : to think of after considering information <draw a conclusion>

15 : to write out in proper form <The lawyer drew up her will.>

draw on 1 : to make use of something <The story draws on old legends.> 2 : to come closer <Night draws on.>

draw out 1 : to make last longer <Questions drew out the meeting.> 2 : to cause to talk freely <Her friendliness drew out the new student.>

draw up 1 : to bring or come to a stop <The car drew up to the door.> 2 : to straighten up <He drew himself up to his full height.>

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