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Byline: with Dr Neil Murray

QI GET car sickness. Can I do anything? ATRAVEL sickness is caused by repeated movements, such as going round in a circle or over bumps when travelling.

The balance centre in the ear sends a different message to the brain from the signal the eyes send. This mixed message makes you feel sick. Strong smells - food or petrol - can trigger it.

It''s more common in children and women. Most children grow out of it.

Sitting in the front of a car should help. Open a window so you are breathing fresh air. Try to look at a fixed point ahead and don''t read.

Try to avoid large meals or alcohol before journeys.

There are also several tablets available from your pharmacist that can help.

QWHAT can I use to treat psoriasis on my scalp? APSORIASIS is a chronic skin condition causing redness and scales. On the scalp, the hair traps the scale and stops it being rubbed away. This means it can build to cause a thicker layer, which is harder to treat. There are many treatment options available. Mild cases can respond well to an anti-fungal shampoo, such as Nizoral.

Capasal shampoo contains tar to control the psoriasis, salicyclic acid to remove scaling and coconut oil to soothe the scalp. More stubborn cases may need a steroid lotion or Dovonex shampoo, which are available on prescription.

QI KEEP getting a sweat rash between my buttocks. Why is this? ATHIS is common and caused by a build-up of candida yeast infection, which causes skin irritation. Wearing loose fitting cotton underwear and regularly washing and carefully drying between the buttocks can reduce it.

An antifungal cream, such as Daktacort or Canesten H from your pharmacist will help.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 28, 2013
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