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Byline: Adrienne Wild

Easy Wrap grease bands around the trunks of apple, plum and cherry trees to trap female winter moths as they climb to lay their eggs.

Clean and sharpen blades of pruners and garden tools. Then wipe with an oily cloth to protect from rust.

Firm soil that has been heaved up by frost back round recently planted trees, shrubs and perennials.

Effort Plant bare-rooted deciduous hedging shrubs like beech and hawthorn around 18in apart and in a staggered double row for an impenetrable boundary.

Prune mature apples and pears to shape trees. Thin out congested growth and remove damaged branches.

Collect and destroy fallen rose leaves to prevent disease spores such as blackspot from hibernating in the soil ready to re-infect the plant next spring.

Design it

Winter warmers

SET your winter garden aglow with the fiery stems of Cornus Winter Flame. Mix these crimson stems with the golden shoots of Cornus Flaviramea in a sunlit spot and if you have the room, combine them with the willowy coloured wands of Salix Britzensis. For maximum impact, plant your bed against a conifer hedge or evergreen backdrop then cover the bare soil with a magical carpet of early-flowering items such as snowdrops, hellebores and lungworts.

DIY it

String up your cordys

CORDYLINES often die because their centres fill with water and freeze. Protect them by drawing up the leaves and loosely tying into an upright "column" with soft string. In severe weather protect the sheaf of leaves with fleece or hessian sacking, removing it when conditions improve. Wrapping cordylines, yuccas and phormiums up will also prevent shape loss and breaking in high winds.

Good idea

USE a plastic plant pot with holes in the base to distribute granular lawn fertiliser evenly - Pete Horrocks, Leeds
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Date:Nov 29, 2009
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