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DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QHOW do we get rid of a brown water stain left on the ceiling? - Michael Saunders AWATER WATER WA stains leave brown tide-marks as they dry out. If there is no evidence of damage or bulging plasterboard, then apply a stain block, allow it to cure and give the whole room two full coats of emulsion.

You can''t patch-in paint because it will flash against existing paintwork. As the stain block forms a seal, the first coat of emulsion will take a while to dry.

QMY white kitchen cupboard doors look discoloured and drab. How do I brighten them up? - Elaine Horan ATRY TRY TR T-Cut to bring them back to life. It''s a car product but works wonders around the home, too. Or coat them with a melamine paint, such as Ronseal One-coat Melamine & MDF paint. But what I''d do is remove the doors, take off the hinges and handles, and take them to a car body-shop garage and have them sprayed.

QOUR glass roof is making the conservatory too hot. Can we stop the sun coming in? - Gordon Ferris AHAVE HAVE HA solar inserts installed into the gap in the polycarbonate roof. They will reflect solar glare, while allowing the light in.

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Date:Aug 9, 2014
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