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DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QTHE sealant around the edge of my bath has water marks. Can I get rid of them or should I reseal? Bob Humphries, by email ACUT out the silicon as the mould will come back if you don''t get rid of it. Use a sharp Stanley knife along the bath and wall line and pull it all out. Use solvent to remove residue and reseal.

QI''VE been looking for a black nickel stair rail but can''t find one. Could I use a curtain pole? Debra Hopper, by email ATRADITIONAL rails are a hand's width and have a grooved profile for grip. You can use a curtain pole but choose the diameter wisely and make sure it is securely fixed to the wall. Even better, commission a blacksmith to make a metal pole, powder-coated with black nickel and matching brackets.

QWE had the external north wall of our bedroom polystyrene-lined to stop cold spots, but the problem''s moved to the external east wall. Help!

Patrick Polding, by email AI''D use insulated plasterboard over your east wall. Cut it to size then use British Gypsum''s Dri-Wall Adhesive to stick the boards on. Fill the joints then paint or wallpaper over.

QOUR brick shed has a corrugated iron roof with attached felt underside. It''s constantly condensating and wetting the rafters. Should we get a fibreglass roof? Katen Duncan, by email AVENTILATION is key but iron roofing is so cold that any air warmer than the iron will condensate on the underside. Insulate the roof on the outside and then put a new roof covering over that. A fibreglass roof will be better but still get the insulation.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 8, 2014
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