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divine MindAlign. (Management Products).

divine, inc. have available the latest version of divine MindAlign a solution providing a real-time, persistent channel for business communication. In addition to adding new features and functionality the new version runs within leading portal platforms and enables companies to extend secure real-time collaboration to their entire business community, divine MindAlign enables dynamic collaboration across the enterprise and with customers and business partners,

The solution provides:

* Presence awareness, providing an at-a-glance snapshot of who is online, offline, or away from their desk as well as the ability for users to create customised messages about their whereabouts'.

* Rich content and data sharing, enabling users to post documents, live URLS, and alerts.

* Content filtering that alerts users when someone is communicating about a topic that is important to them. Users can create filters based on keyword criteria such as project names, client names, or specific events.

* Instant message history, a persistent display of the most recent messages within a channel to provide users with instant context when they log in.

* BackChat search tool that lets users search archived content by date, time, key word, channel or user, enabling corporate memory to be stored and easily retrieved.

* Security and authentication that can be used with existing corporate authorities.

* Structured Input and Output Panels, providing a means for structured information to be captured or presented within MindAlignls chat windows. Data can be submitted to existing CRM or ERP system or retrieved from such a system to be displayed within a MindAlign channel. SEC/NASD Compliance. In line with requirements set forth by the SEC and NASD that identify instant message traffic as communications with the public that must be monitored and archived, divine MindAlign's ability to store all content that can be offloaded to appropriate "write once, read many" (WORM) devices gives financial institutions a communications medium with tools to satisfy their compliance needs.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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