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divine Content Server V 5.0. (Management).

divine, inc.have announced Version 5.0 of divine Content Server a content management solution for an extended enterprise, operating over a single Web site, or hundreds of internally and externally facing Web initiatives, from one infrastructure. The latest version makes it easier, it is claimed, for global organizations to manage and deliver relevant content to Web sites, portals and extranets, while enhancing the ability of non-technical users and business partners to contribute content. The new divine features include:

* Content Server DocLink, which makes saving documents to, and retrieving documents from, Content Server as simple as working with local files in Microsoft Windows Explorer. Content Server DocLink also supports metadata insertion, revision tracking, and workflow initiation directly within Windows Explorer.

* Content Server Asset Filters, automatically transform content from common document types (such as Microsoft Word or Excel) into HTML or XML when a document is saved to Content Server. This extensible framework serves as a key integration point for other divine and third-party applications and content sources.

* Content Server Autoclassifier, is an advanced taxonomy and classification capability that utilises technology acquired from Northern Light to automatically categorize and tag content saved to Content Server.

* Enhanced globalization features, include localized interfaces and expanded language support, to enable companies to manage content for multiple, multi-lingual sites on a single installation. Localized versions in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German,' Japanese and Korean allow administrators and content contributors work in their preferred language.

* Expanded support for Web services, enables organizations to share content and business:logic with partners and develop custom content applications. Content Server contains a set of predefined Web services that can be used by any Web application to dynamically access and present content within that application. It also allows developers to create new Web services to expose any custom business logic within Content Server.
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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