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deth bi numberz.

 there must be sumthin' wrong wit' mah a--rith--me--tic
diss ill divided world can truly mek--muh--sick 4 all i ever needed 2
learn in life got my mental on da blunder every time i turn around
i'm being fooled by a number schooled by a number i once twice
thrice heard dat once 1 & 1 wuz 2 after 1 b4 3 but it also wuz 11 i
uncovered nothin' lucky bout da fabled number 7 4 greed lust envy
sloth gluttony pride and wrath you do da math we subtract frum mutha
earth and den we start multiplying like a virus on da reckless while de
earth keeps dying sum ov us wunder why we keep on trying
 cuz no matter how much we got we act like time be tickin' hot but
truly diss time
like an endless platoon we be runnin' outta room we created 3
worldz cuz we be runnin' outta room in da 3rd world 4000 children
die daily due diligence 2 disease distemper dementia destruction despair
depression disdain and dysfunction & we be runnin' outta room
da 2nd world containing concepts ov calculated communism created a
construct commencing da crushing cold war & we be runnin' outta
in da 1st world we got appetitez like gigabytez environmental pugilists
keep losing fightz cuz da man be fightin' techno-hippiez wit'
nitz fullo' nanitez nesting in da blackest undercover ov
forest-filled nightz & we be runnin' outta room
glacierz receding volcanoez exploding our waterz are bleeding our soil
is eroding da plate tectonix breakin' down like ebonix our culturez
are broken mother nature haz spoken & we be runnin' outta room
H1N1 prezent in swine since 1999 claimed 23000 in a very short time
aivan flu gripp'd 5000 x 2 as plague bubonic moved at rat
supersonic az tenz of millionz fell victim to chronic malaria an'
mosquitoz numbered man by da millionz--ah while dey bred by da
4 legz good--ah 2 legz bad--ah so sayeth da shepherd--ah so sayeth da
flock farmegeddon iz upon us my brothaz & sistaz--ah so sayeth da
shepherd--ah so sayeth da flock & we be runnin' outta room
den we aim for the starz to do diss same thing to marz
cuz we be runnin' outta room
we're bein' run by da numberz like being run by da bullz we
been dun like dinner
but our belly nevah fullz planet number 3 iz determined 2 devour planet
number 4 ov 9 it must bear the bounty and da brunt of 6.7 billion
it'z fine time 2 farm more land 2 fight da foreseen famine dat it
az we kiss da windshieldz ov our carz we think to buckle up and why we
never bothered 100 wuz merely a suggestion until 140 made speed a killer
commitment 20-20 iz perfect vision but only seez in hindsight common
sense ain' common until we see dat bright light
like a ticker on triple bypass come join da zipper club like long grain
rice with sum Ann B. in it 2 save yo' life it only takez 6 minutez
az men in white attempt to play handz ov god tenuously trying 2 turn
back time on 33 yearz ov working 9 2-7 da fact dat you been smokin'
since de age ov 11 at least 1 nee every waking hour at five foot four
you're squeezin' 3-2-1 through ya bathroom shower declining
your 14 daze 2 make 365 iz da reason you be lyin' here an'
barely alive
bein' ruled by da numberz and diss time it wuz a leap year 27 it
wuz 366 da put yo sorry self here and now life iz all but a stopwatch
quick-ticking past da quintessential moments of yo' life da quest 2
quell time creating catalytic strife da space-time continuum got you on
da ripple by breakin' life down to da last participle yo'
physician'z peering down like a cool calculator now da number 8 iz
looking like a defibrillator you've been mastered by the numberz
and finally infinity iz realized by da letter c
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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Brewster, Wakefield
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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