Printer Friendly Premier Portal Destination., from BMC Software is an online portal destination for database information and solutions, providing information, including tips, techniques and links to related sites, articles written by industry experts, academics and BMC Software executives. dbazine is free and can be accessed at both and It will be updated monthly.

The site offers resources and information for the following database platforms: Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SOL Server and IMS.

Launched on June 1, the debut edition of dbazine features the article "The E-DBA and Data Availability," the first in a series of quest columns from DB2 author and guru Craig Mullins. Also featured is an interview with Bill Inmon, considered in the industry as "the father of data warehousing." Another article offers tips and techniques to fine-tune SOL Server performance. Links to dozens of other database related organisations are also provided, as well as links to industry publications.

Each month, will offer reviews of database related books as well as a site of the month and an article of the month. The ongoing feature "Lazy DBA" will offer database management tips and techniques for the latest products from Oracle DBAs.
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Date:Aug 1, 2000
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