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critics' choice.

London's Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames (Channel 4, 7pm-8pm) The Illuminated River Project is currently working with artist Leo Villareal on a scheme to light up the 15 bridges that cross the Thames in central London. If it works, it will contain 100,000 bulbs and become arguably the largest public artwork ever conceived. In a three-part series, Charlie Luxton finds out more about the project. He begins by travelling to the US to meet Villareal, whose previous works include illuminating the 1.8 mile-long San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. He also charts the history of the first crossing on the Thames - London Bridge.

Killing Eve (BBC1, 9.15pm-10pm) Oh what a tangled web Villanelle weaves. This week comes a moment when hardcore fans who haven't already watched series two on iPlayer will wonder what's just happened. The cat and mouse game seems to get pushed to one side as Eve discovers that their interests might be best served if they can work together.

Race to the Death: Rome's Charioteers (Channel 4, 8pm-9pm) Documentary exploring new discoveries about chariot racing in ancient Rome, exploring how influential the sport was in Roman culture. While charioteers are still among some of the best-paid sports stars in history, the stakes were particularly high.

Inspector Montalbano (BBC4, 9pm-11pm) Businessman Cosimo Barletta is found dead in his holiday home, and Montalbano's investigation reveals unexpected facts about the man's life and death. Roberto Nobile, Marcello Perracchio, Angelo Russo, Cesare Bocci, Sonia Bergamasco, Luca Zingaretti and Alessandro Haber. In Italian.

Liar Liar (ITV2, 7.15pm-9pm) A lawyer, whose underhand ploys to win cases leave him little time to see his son, discovers he is incapable of lying after the boy's birthday wish makes his dad tell only the truth. However, this causes a host of problems. Comedy, with Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Justin Cooper, Jennifer Tilly and Cary Elwes.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Press and Journal (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:Jul 6, 2019
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