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coverlines KIRSTIEMcCRUM.

I F you ask me, the world is divided into two distinct halves. One half are a credulous lot, putting their store in fate, the stars and horoscopes with an almost religious fervour.

The other is populated by people like me - those who cannot fathom the concept of putting your faith into an unproven system of unscientific symbols to ascertain their lucky colour. But who is right? My university friends who fell upon their horoscopes each week before they dared set foot out the door, or sceptics like me who steadfastly refuse to believe? As this issue sees astrologer Patrick Arundell cast his eye over the year to come, I did have a sneaky peek at my own horoscope for the year ahead. Even a sceptic like me can't help it.

Apparently, I've set sail for a 2011 of romance and excitement, with my appeal captivating all in my path.

Sounds terrific, and I didn't even need to promise my soul to any spooky old ladies.

But when I look closer, there are actually some tips for the future which may well be borne out.

My horoscope has alerted me to join a dance class, which chimes nicely with my own plan to take up bellydancing, fitting in with the tip to 'try my own thing'.

I'm also informed of a more social me in 2011, which I have identified in at least two planned reunions this year with friends far removed geographically.

The tips are all typical of the personality sketches for the 12 star signs, and it is hard not to find similarities and coincidences when studying these things.

But while, as a Pisces, I am doubtless dreamy and loyal, and my job would certainly suggest I am creative, no one who has ever shared a few words with me would mistake me for unrealistic or impractical.

So perhaps taking horoscopes with a pinch of salt would work for me.

After all, as the old saying goes, you shouldn't believe everything you read.

So I'm just banking on the good stuff coming true and resolving to ignore the rest.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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