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cover lines; CLAIREREES.

EXY - it's a funny old word.

Say it over and over again and it sounds ridiculous.

SAlmost as ridiculous as its concept.

We've kind of lost the idea of what it means to be sexy when every day a celebrity desperately tries to persuade us they're the most des ired thing on the planet.

Sexy's gone crazy, stars are wearing less and less and music videos are so overt they've become a turn-off.

As Rhondda boy presenter Steve Jones once told me, and I'm sure you'll agree he's more than qualified to comment, "sexy has to have mystery, when it's rammed down your throat it makes me sad".

Us too, Steve, and we've tried to reflect that in our long-awaited list of the 50 Sexiest Women in Wales. When sexy's so in your face, it can be utterly boring.

And that's why our top 50 is about celebrating the women who have more to offer than pin-up looks.

Beyonce said she was tired of being sexy and it inspired the name of a Brazilian dance band.

We're sure even page three models experience that Cansei de Ser Sexy feeling.

Sexiness is about attitude, the way someone carries themselves and how they make other people around them feel.

There's nothing sexy about someone who's spent two hours getting ready for a party, but can't make conversation when they get there because they're too busy looking in the mirror.

The sexiest person in the room might not always be the person you'd immediately pick out in a crowd either.

I have to agree with our winner (turn the page to find out who she is) when she says sexiness, for her, can usually be found in the glint of an eye.

Simple, but take a look at our top 50 and you'll find they all share that sparkle in common, those smiling eyes that suggest there's a lot more going on inside than you may ever know about.

So yes, there are models on our list, because it would be absurd to exclude some of our most successful exports from the world of fashion, but you'll also find designers, and women from the fields of art, business, music, sport, TV and politics.

Women who have achieved something, because that's sexy, and women who have such infectious personalities you'd actually want to share a drink with them this Christmas.

There are plenty of women we have had to leave off the list, simply because there wasn't enough room for everyone.

It's a tougher task every year thanks to the way the sexy appeal of Wales keeps on soaring.

You may not agree with every single choice on our list, after all sexy is objective, but we hope we've given you something to think (and argue) about this weekend.

See you next week - for the boys' turn. Where will our Steve find himself ranking this year? And will your favourite Welsh bloke make the cut? We hope that you have just as much fun finding out as we do.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 27, 2010
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