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SHE basked in Thatcher comparisons a month ago and will do so again after the election. But between now and June 8, Theresa May will change her political colours temporarily to lure voters.

Trickster Theresa's pose as Mother Theresa, matriarch of the nation, is for the gullible.

And Traditional Tory Theresa, spinning herself as a champion of the working class, is for the criminally gullible. Anyone who thinks she's a different Conservative leader should remember this quote: "Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative. I'm a Her deceitful posturing will last the campaign Conservative. This is a Conservative manifesto," screamed Maggie May. Her dishonest, deceitful posturing will last for the duration of an election campaign before the Tories stiff you.

Pensioners would be worse off. Most workers, too, especially nurses and teachers. The minimum wage would never hit a PS10 living hourly rate.

And the fox gets it when she restores hunting. The choice is crystal clear. Labour would raise incomes and revive universal services.

May basks in her Conservatism - and is never far away from Thatcher.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 19, 2017
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