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Byline: stuart barrie

CHEW the Fat! took Ibiza by storm this summer. The London-based club took control of the back room We Love Sundays and smashed it up every week with their forward-thinking breaks sound. Now in their 10th year and still going strong, the club visited the Sub Club in Glasgow this week as part of their anniversary celebrations. Resident Paul Arnold reveals the highs and lows of an Ibiza season and what it's like to be the next big thing on the island.

Q WHAT Do you think about the Subbie atmosphere?

A Chew the Fat! has been a resident for sometime now so have witnessed nights when it goes off, it's a wicked club and there's no doubt about that.

Q WAS the Sub Club gig this week a one-off or will you be looking to do more nights in Scotland?

A Chew the Fat! has been active in Scotland over the last couple of years, we love it and we'll do more.

Q HOW did Chew the Fat get started?

A By being asked to DJ at legendary south London club - Bug Bar in Brixton on their opening night. The other DJ was rubbish, so when I played the owners loved it and asked me to host a night every Friday and Chew the Fat! was born.

Q HOW was your recent 10th birthday party?

A Fat!astic, my mum came down and loved it.

Q HOW was your summer in Ibiza's Space superclub?

A Wrecked, 16 weeks of pure hedonism. I loved every minute of it. I missed the closing party as it was just one too far.

Q HOW did you hook up with the We Love guys?

A I have known the We Love crew for some time. I started a night called 6ft Stereo which they hosted at Home in Leicester Square. Darren Hughes and Mark Broadbent are great promoters and are always looking for something new.

Q WHAT was the reaction like to breaks in Ibiza?

A You can't play just breaks, it just doesn't work but then Chew the Fat! has never been about just breaks, that's why we have been so successful. We like to mix it up. I think any night with the same music will be very boring.

Q WHAT were the highlights of the Space residency?

A Just being there, 16 weekends of beach, clubs, people, music. The island is beautiful, so being given the opportunity to hang out there every weekend was a highlight in itself. DJing in front of a very-up-for-it crowd week in week out and being able to hear some of the best DJs in the world was a buzz, too.

Q ARE too few clubs taking risks these days?

A There are hundreds of new, small club nights spawning week in week out, pushing the boundaries, creating new sounds genres, scenes. Larger clubs have to put bums on seats, so it is a very difficult job to take a risk and not lose money. Clubland has changed. Club owners now have to deal with bars/clubs who have late licenses and good sound systems, the smoking ban and a huge resurgence in live music.

Q WHAT are the pros and cons of a summer season in Ibiza?

A The sun, the sea, the lifestyle, the women, the food, the fun, the music, the dancing, the love. The hangovers, the flights, the airports. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Q ANY plans to go back again next year?

A Yes, we have been asked back by We love to host the Red Room. I can't wait.

Q DO you know anything about the Scottish Chewin' the Fat?

A No, have never heard of it, I'll call my lawyers ...


1 Baobinga & i.d. - Jump up Get Hype - Fat! Records

2 Herve - Cheap Thrils - Dubsided

3 Toddla T - Do You Know - 1965 Records

4 Rico Tubbs - Gangsta - Menu

5 Mystic Man ft Eshamanjairo Cheshire Cat - Gella Remix Fat! Promo


I was held hostage by gunmen before a gig in Argentina.

Ali G's lawyers called us when we used him on a flyer as did Flat Eric's and now Paul Trouble Anderson's people... what's wrong with being called Paul Trouble Arnold?

The first weekend I was in Krackow in Poland the Pope died. I mean how often does the Pope die?

Chew the Fat! has toured every continent other than the Arctics.

We called the club Chew The Fat! as it was an opportunity for folk to "chew the fat".


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