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club reports.

HARTBURN VILLAGE WI: Northern Echo editor Peter Barron presented a talk titled 'Cloudy/rain later' during a thoroughly informative and enjoyable evening. Peter is a man who sees humour in almost everything and we were soon laughing our way through his description of his early days in journalism. We learned of the importance of campaigning journalism in our democracy and of newspapers in general. The next meeting will be at All Saints Church, Hartburn, from 7.15pm on Tuesday, June 3 when woodcarving musician Shona Duthie will be entertaining.

CLEVELAND RETIRED MEN'S ASSOCIATION: Ian Pearce delivered the excellent presentation 'Easby Moor Plane Crash',' chronicling the last flight of Lockhead Hudson NR.E, which crashed on remote Easby Moor shortly after taking off from RAF Thornaby as part of Coastal Command 220 Squadron. Lockhead Hudsons were an American design converted to accommodate a pilot, navigator, air gunner and bomb aimer, not forgetting two homing pigeons (just in case), with a bomb bay, gun turret and emergency sea dingy. Mr Pearce has a book following his research into the crash. NR.E. one of the 'Kipper Patrols' acknowledging their North Sea flights, took off with two other aircraft, at 4am on February 1, 1940. They intended to fly over the Great Ayton area, avoiding Middlesbrough defences, before heading sea-ward to Heligoland. Flight NR.E never made it, crashing onto Easby Moor, and local people heard it flying low with no chance of avoiding the escarpment on the moor. Three of the four man crew died on impact, only one, LAC Barker survived, later being promoted to Flying Officer before dying during a raid over Berlin. Why did it crash? The final theory at the enquiry was that lack of de-icing equipment had caused the plane to be too heavy to gain height. The plane ripped its belly out on the escarpment, LAC Barker fell through the gaping hole and survived, but the rest didn't. The plane was recovered and cannibalised for spares.

INGLEBY GREENHOW WI: The 27 members attending the May meeting were on their best behaviour when Sgt Nick Walthar of North Yorks Police came to talk about his time in the police, which he joined in the 1990s. He passed round the kit used by the police when he first joined, which was very meagre, and the very heavy and sophisticated equipment which is used now, for members to compare. It was a very interesting and informative evening told in a very humorous way. During the business part of the evening, the resolution about increased organ donation which is to be discussed at the national AGM in Leeds was put to the members. They wish to support it. The members had another good evening at Arches Cookery School in April and are now looking forward to the summer outing in June and afternoon tea in July. It is the turn of Ingleby Greenhow WI to organise the Roseberry Group activities this year; the first being a walk followed by refreshments on Thursday June 26. This month's competition - a limerick - was won by three of the new younger members; first Catherine Pickering, second Sue Wardman and third Kath Hawman. Lynn Keeling and Ann Bransby were thanked for being hostesses while Maureen Stewart and Mia Riley were thanked for the prizes and flowers. The next meeting at the village hall from 7.15pm on June 16 will see Emily Reed present 'Love Food, Hate waste' and the competition is for a recycling tip.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 31, 2014
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