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Byline: by Lorne Jackson

THERE are plenty of fab 'old' new books out at the moment.

Especially now Atlantic Books are getting in on the act with their Crime Classic Series. Here are a few bloodsoaked novels to enjoy...

BULLDOG DRUMMOND Sapper (pounds 7.99) ***

Captain Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond is bored, and ready for adventure after the end of World War One.

While other soldiers lick their wounds, he is busy licking a host of ene- Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond book, loved these tales.

And you will, too.

VERDICT: Bullseye!

RAFFLES - THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN Ernest William Hornung (pounds 7.99) ****

HE'S a bit of a lad, and a whole lot of a cad - Raffles is the public school burglar with an aptitude for cricket and passion for crime.

Hornung was inspired to create his lovable criminal after his brother-in-law gained fame from the detective stories he was writing.

Brother in law just happened to be Arthur Conan Doyle, the legendary scribe behind Sherlock Holmes.

Hornung doesn't quite equal his achievement.

But he comes very close.

VERDICT: A great hero. But not so much Rob Roy as rob houses.

THE COLLEGIANS Gerald Griffin (pounds 7.99) ****

YOUNG Hardress Cregan is a rogue with a wicked, roving eye.

Although he is courting his wealthy cousin, Anne, he has also embarked on a tempestuous affair with the lowly, but very beautiful, Eily O'Connor.

Hardress knows his family would never approve of his match.

But his lust overwhelms his conscience, and he plans upon a fatal deception.

This is stirring stuff, and one of the best 19th Century Irish novels.

VERDICT: The best of the Blarney.

THE MURDER IN THE RUE MORGUE Edgar Allan Poe (pounds 7.99) *****

POE singlehandedly invented the modern detective story with this tale, and it still stands-up with the best of 'em.

That's because the master of the macabre and mystery was highly skilled at creating a spooky atmosphere.

VERDICT: You'll never pooh-pooh Poe.
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Date:Nov 30, 2008
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